Morrison accuses critics of wanting a “kangaroo court” as Liberal lawmakers cross the floor over a bill of integrity | Australian politics

Prime minister, Scott MorrisonCriticizes that the “Kangaroo Court” wants to oversee Congress after facing a coalition internal rebellion that did not establish a federal integrity committee.

On Thursday morning, Tasmania’s liberal MP Bridget Archer crossed the floor to support the push of an independent MP Helen Haynes to establish the Federal Integrity Commission.Archer told Guardian Australia She was dissatisfied with the government’s “inertia” About this issue.

Archer’s decision-she was the seventh government member or senator this week-given Haynes a majority support for her bill. However, she couldn’t get the absolute majority she needed because the MPs were paired and not in Canberra for Covid-19.

The move has once again brought the government’s failure to fulfill its election promises into the limelight. Put Morrison on his hind legs About the problem.

Morrison states that Beresikrian has been
Morrison states that Beresikrian has been “redoed” by NSW Icac because the integrity committee debate has been defeated – video

When asked why Morrison “refused to act for more than 1,000 days” to establish a committee promised before the last election, the government Draft bill It was released in February this year.

He also aimed at NSW Independent Commission on Corruption (Icac) and an investigation into the former Prime Minister of New South Wales, Gladys Beregikrian, show that the Union does not support the Federal Integrity Commission, which has allowed hearings.

“These issues should focus on criminal activity, not who your boyfriend is,” Morrison said.

“The New South Wales Prime Minister was ended by a bad process, abuse … I’m not going to take the Kangaroo Court to this parliament.”

Morrison suggested that Labor could support the government’s proposed bill. The softness of that approach And it hasn’t been introduced to Congress yet.

“The legislation is visible to everyone, and if the opposition wants to support it, they should, and we can legislate it,” Morrison said. ..

“But opposition does not uphold our law to introduce a federal integrity committee. Instead, opposition saw the most shameful and most shameful attacks on the former Prime Minister. I would like to support a kind of show in South Wales.

“What was done Gladys BerejikrianThe people of New South Wales know that it was an absolute shame. I do not allow such a process to aim to publicly humiliate people on issues unrelated to the issues prior to such a committee.Those forces that have been abused [and] Try to reduce the integrity of people like Gladys Berejikrian. “

Icac is under investigation Whether Beregkrian did not declare a conflict of interest Because of her secret relationship with Magwire when she awarded Magwire’s voters a lucrative grant as an accountant and later as Prime Minister.

Morrison’s remarks were seen as further encouraging Beresikrian to run for the Liberal Party in the next federal election, and the former Prime Minister was asked to run for Waringa in an attempt to leave the independent MP Zaristeggal. ..

Polling Published in The Sydney Morning Herald On Thursday, Beresikrian’s approval rate suggested a backlash after Icac’s hearing was over.

Stegggal has voiced support for the establishment of a federal integrity committee and, along with other cross-bench, voted in favor of Haynes’ bill on Thursday.

After a confused vote as a result of Covid’s changes managed by the new chair, Haynes praised Archer for taking a fundamental position as the “46th Congressional Lioness.”

She also promised to continue working with government parliamentarians to attempt to submit a bill for discussion.

“This isn’t over yet,” she said. “The country can rest assured that no matter what the Prime Minister is doing … the majority want a sincere committee.”

Former archer Told Guardian Australia She said she was “confused” late, given that talks had taken place over the past year, as she was considering crossing the floor over concerns that the government did not proceed with the bill.

“I have a strong view that this is the most important thing we have to do,” Archer said.

The new Attorney General, Michaelia Cash, has been discussing the bill for the past six months, and in mid-October recently the government said it “intended the bill to be introduced into Congress in 2021.”

Medium MP Promoting the government Strengthen the proposed model, promote hearings and reporting, and give anti-corruption bodies broader authority.

Haines Blame the government He broke his election promise by saying that it is now “nearly impossible” to introduce and pass it before the 2022 elections scheduled by mid-May.

Morrison accuses critics of wanting a “kangaroo court” as Liberal lawmakers cross the floor over a bill of integrity | Australian politics

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