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Good Morning: Multiple states on COVID alert, Scott Morrison Located in Singapore Putin’s crackdown Political opposition is escalating. Thursday, June 10th, this is Imogen Dewey, the hottest topic of the morning.

Queensland recorded a local case after a Melbourne couple left home during a lockdown Then I went to the Sunshine Coast via New South Wales – both states Currently on alertMelbourne will be released from lockdown tonight, but after yesterday’s state, city-to-country trips will be “off limits” for another week Recorded one new case. Under 40 in NSW Find a way to get a Pfizer vaccine Even though I’m not qualified yet. One said, “The baby boomer generation had a chance.

In other pandemic news, U.S. agrees to buy Pfizer’s 500 million doses of vaccine To Distributed to 100 countries, And Leading biologists have weakened the leak theory of the widely quoted “smoking gun” Covid Lab. Is Nobel laureate David Baltimore He says he exaggerated the case And the origin of the virus is still unknown.

Scott Morrison Discuss the travel bubble today With Singapore’s counterpart Lee Hsien Loong before the G7 However, do not start packing your luggage yet. High-level talks are expected to generate political commitment rather than a solid start date. They will also discuss with the South China Sea how to respond to Beijing’s actions in the region.Is Trans-Tasman bubble It has been on hold between Victoria and New Zealand since May 25th. Jacinda Ardern yesterday Warning that there is a “result” Despite the ban, for those who broke the border control of her country’s coronavirus after three Melvanians were caught trying to enter. According to authorities, the family arrived at Auckland Airport after flying from Sydney. I came to pick you up (reportedly to attend the funeral).

by Documents submitted to the NSW Senate, A senior civil servant tasked with paying $ 50,000 to an agricultural group related to Angus Taylor’s family expressed serious concern. The payment was directed by Deputy Premier of New South Wales John Barilaro, after he was told he needed to disguise the contract payment. Despite the recorded concerns, there is no indication of actual misconduct by Barillaro or other civil servants, but this new controversy over subsidies will refocus on the granting of public funds with the Beregic Clear government. ..


The University of Victoria’s Energy Policy Center reports that the government’s Hunter Valley gas power plant proceedings have failed for several reasons. Photo: Kelly Burns / AAP

Analysts say the $ 600 million gas-fired power plant built by the Morrison government in Kuri Klee is unnecessary and can’t afford it. New analysis suggests By 2030, there is likely to be little demand for “peak” power plants, questioning the Union’s claim to lower electricity prices.

Australian researchers have developed a microscope with a 35% increase in sharpness. To What is described as an important step in quantum technologyThe ability to capture small biological structures that were previously invisible raises expectations for improved medical imaging.

Radio ads paid by Clive Palmer have been removed, falsely claiming that vaccination against the new coronavirus has killed hundreds of people After management of treatment supplies Labeled misleading..

Young clark’s anemones inhabiting coastal reefs die faster because they are exposed to artificial light. With new research Researchers have stated that species that have been exposed to light pollution for extended periods of time near the coast are less likely to survive than species that live farther away.


Moscow City Court
The Moscow City Court has outlawed the Navalny movement. Photo: Yuri Kochetkov / EPA

Russian courts outlawed opposition politician Alexei Navalny’s national political organization Because it is a “radical” A breakthrough step in cracking down on Vladimir Putin About political opposition.

An internet power outage that knocked out some of the world’s largest websites on Tuesday eventually Caused by one customer Update settings, Infrastructure provider Fastly has revealed.

EU-UK negotiations over Northern Ireland look on the verge of collapse As London showed Still considering one-sided behavior This is to maintain a continuous influx of supplies from the UK into the region.

El Salvador is the first in the world Adopt Bitcoin as legal tender..

And Buckingham Palace is involved in a row About whether there was a queen I talked about naming The Duchess of Liribet, Sussex’s new daughter.

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“It’s like getting out of the darkest fantasies of the Brothers Grimm. Snow White’s cottage. A house of three bears covered with graffiti and spider webs. For nearly 20 years, the location of Port Macquarie’s former Fantasy Glaze Kids Fun Park has been left for nature to swallow. The new owner is working hard to bring back his nostalgic destination, As Alex McKinnon writes, Not everyone in town is happy with it.

“You can’t hide from the numbers. Australian women earn less than men in every job.” Greg Jericho jumps into stats Find out who is paying (or not paying) taxes. “The problem isn’t just part-time, experience, or the elderly,” he writes. “Women’s work is not well-regarded both within the profession and throughout the economy.”

“My sister and I are creative people left behind in our parents’ home. Our parents want us to get a real job.” Life Counseling Columnist Eleanor Gordon Smith Hear the plight of the two “millennials of fate” I will tell you frankly. “I know where you are from. From there I tell you eye-to-eye. When the pandemic is over, you have to leave your parents’ house.”

plus: comedian Rose Callahan stock 10 most interesting things she has ever seen (on the Internet).


Over the last decade, a vibrant and bizarre musical genre called hyperpop has formed. Its growth has been stimulated by the internet and linked to some of the most exciting young artists in the world. Today’s full storyFreelance music writer Shaad D’Souza tells Laura Murphy-Oates about the rise of hyperpop and the influence of big companies like Spotify.

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Bruce Tom Toboevich decides to try
Tom Trbojevic scored a try between New South Wales Bruce and Queensland Maroons in the 2021 State of Origin series. Photo: Darren England / AAP

Tom Toboevich’s factor proved to be greater than any home ground advantage in Townsville New South Wales Wipe out Queensland 50-6 With their biggest State of Origin win rate.

Rafael Nadal is aiming for his 14th title at Roland Garros, but defending champion Iga Sakkari has been eliminated by Maria Sakkari. It is here What happened at the French Open..

Nathan Buckley leaves Collingwood Football Club in the middle of the AFL season Like the wind of change Continue to dominate the clubHis final match, the tenth season, will soon be on Monday against ladder leader Melbourne at SCG, with a permanent search for a replacement in time for the 2022 season.

The 6th largest Australian baseball player in the world Withdrew from their final qualifying tournament Towards the Tokyo Olympicss For insurmountable Covid-19 travel and quarantine logistics.

Media summary

Experts warn age It Australia “must act” to stop Indonesia under Chinese influence – It is not overlooked that there was no direct diplomacy during the pandemic.Is Australian person Report The “precious” Barlap Peninsula rock art is at stake as the conflict suspends surveillanceAnd that ABC Report that police are investigating the cause A big flame at Bondi School 130 students were forced to evacuate. ..


Former soldier Ben Roberts-Smith proves today in a defamation proceeding against three Australian newspapers after an unexpected delay yesterday.

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NSW Premier, Gladys Berejikrian’s Strange Photo, “Preparation” to Watch the Match Joined a long line of images Percentage of Australian politicians watching TV in a way that “is embarrassed and anxious.”

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Morning Email: Coronavirus Warning, Travel Bubble Story, New South Wales’ Largest Origin Victory | Australian News

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