More Costly Breast Cancer Treatments That Lead to Better Survival

Monday, April 6, 2015 (HealthDay News)-More expensive breast cancer Treatment leads to increased chances of survival, according to new studies.

“Our findings show that in some cases newer and more costly approaches, breast cancer “Patients” and Dr. Cary Gross, director of Yale University, senior author of the study cancer A university news release describes the achievements of the Center for Public Policy and Effectiveness Research.

“Now we need to tackle the more difficult questions about what we can afford to pay and find out which treatments work for each patient,” Gross added.

Study published in the April issue of Health AffairsFound a link between more expensive medical care and improved survival breast cancer patient. It did not prove a causal relationship between the two.

In conducting the study, researchers examined Medicare claim records for approximately 9,800 women nationwide. Women were between the ages of 67 and 94.They all had stage 2 or 3 breasts cancer..

Researchers examined trends in treatment costs and survival rates for women from 1994 to 1996 and compared them to trends from 2004 to 2006.

This study reveals the cost of treating women with stage 3 breasts cancer It jumped from $ 18,100 to about $ 32,600. Meanwhile, the 5-year survival rate for these women improved from 38.5% to 52%.

Treatment of stage 2 women breast cancer Increased by over 40 percent. According to researchers, the average cost of treatment was $ 12,300 in 1996 and $ 17,400 in 2006. The 5-year survival rates for these women also improved, albeit more modestly, from 68% to 72.5%.

According to Gross, rising costs are primarily chemical treatment And Radiation therapy..

Dr. Aaron Feinstein, the lead author of the study and currently performing head and neck surgery at UCLA in Los Angeles, released on Yale University news.

“We need research that will help us not only develop new treatments, but also learn how to keep costs down while caring for patients,” Feinstein added.

-Mary Elizabeth Dallas

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Source: Yale University, News Release, April 6, 2015

More Costly Breast Cancer Treatments That Lead to Better Survival

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