More calming baby when given by mom or dad

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Not all hugs are created the same-and Baby Only four months is the proof.

heart The proportion of babies under the age of 1 was slower during hugs than during hugs.And, according to a study published in the journal on April 7, hugs had a big impact when they came from moms and dads, not from strangers. iScience..

The findings provide some of the first evidence that hugs help the bond between parents and babies, the researchers said.

“Like most parents, we love to hug our children,” said Sachine Yoshida, the lead author of Toho University in Tokyo, Japan. “We also know that children love being embraced by their parents, but what surprised us as scientists is that we know very little about embracing.”

For the study, her team evaluated the baby heart The rate when they are hugged or hugged. And for people aged 4 months to 1 year, they were more calm when they were hugged than when they were hugged.

The· BabyCompared to hugs from strangers, the heart rate when hugged by parents was even slower, the findings showed.

And the calming benefits go bidirectional: parents’ heart rates also slowed when they hugged their toddlers.

“We found that hugging both infants and parents can help them relax,” Yoshida said in a journal news release.

Parental hugs didn’t have exactly the same effect on young babies, but one trick helped them relax: hug the baby and use your hands to put pressure on your back.

According to researchers, this suggests that young babies do not distinguish between being hugged and being hugged in the same way as older babies.

“Infants can’t speak, but they recognize their parents in different ways. Parenting “Hugging and other methods are at least four months old,” said Yoshida. “By knowing how your baby feels while hugging, you take care of your baby too young to speak. I hope we can reduce the physical and psychological workload of

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Source: iScience, News Release, April 7, 2020

More calming baby when given by mom or dad

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