“Misses of the 1930s”: Peter Dutton is excited about Chinese rhetoric because Keating calls him a “dangerous personality.”Peter Dutton

Australian Defense Minister has stepped up his pre-election warning about the threat posed by ChinaBeijing wants the nations to become “tributary states” and declares that they are increasing their military power on a scale that does not seem to be peaceful.

Peter Dutton said on Friday that “dark clouds” were forming in the area and that countries “would be foolish to repeat the mistakes of the 1930s.”

He neglected while blaming his critics that Australia’s prices coming to Taiwan’s aid in military conflicts are engaged in “simple” or “hopeful ideas” about China’s attitude changes. He said it may be lower than the result.

The Chinese embassy counterattacked Dutton as “inciting conflict and division,” implying that it would further harm the already tense relationship between Australia and its largest trading partner.

Mr. Dutton, an important conservative figure in the Scott Morrison administration, said China’s President Xi Jinping said Beijing’s determination to take Taiwan By the 2040s.

Dutton says China will not stop there, imposing more compulsory relations with other countries in the region, creating “a dangerous military and economic situation for our country and many other countries.” Insisted.

Just a few days after he was accused of opposition Dangerously amplify the outlook for war For domestic political purposes, Dutton injected an election message into his speech.

He said it was a “very uncertain time” and Australians were “confident that the government, the Morrison government, would act to keep them safe.”

“In the next decade, China’s nuclear warhead stockpile – Last year is estimated to be in the 200s – Is projected to reach 700 to 1,000 warheads, “Dutton told the National Press Club on Friday.

“All major Australian cities, including Hobart, are within range of Chinese missiles.”

Mr. Dutton said the Indo-Pacific is “a witness to the military buildup of scale and ambition that is rarely associated with historically peaceful consequences.”

Dutton said the region is not on the inevitable path to conflict, despite growing tensions.

“Does the Chinese government want to occupy another country? It’s not my decision,” Dutton said.

“But they see us as a booklet, and the waiver of sovereignty and the waiver of compliance with the rule of international law is what our country has fought since the Commonwealth.

“It costs a lot of human resources, and if we repeat the mistakes of the 1930s, it will cost a lot to our country and many others.”

Dutton’s speech reflects growing concerns of the Australian Government about China’s military buildup and its activities in the South China Sea and East China Sea, as well as increasing military pressure on Taiwan.

However, his intervention also strengthens the Morrison government’s efforts to portray workers as vulnerable to national security and China prior to elections-there is generally bipartisan consensus on regional strategic challenges. But.

Labor Party diplomatic spokesman Penny Wong said Dutton’s speech was an example of “desperate political tactics.” She said Dutton, a former candidate for the prime minister who was missing in the 2018 Liberal Party vote, was auditioning for Morrison’s work.

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating continued his attack and named Dutton a “dangerous personality” who presented “a ruthlessly aggressive and unrealistic scenario for Australia’s foreign and defensive posture in the region.”

Keating – Who and who called on Australia weeks ago not to be involved in the war over Taiwan’s status Critical to bipartisan consensus on foreign policy – He said his attitude was “inappropriate for Australia’s fragile geographic situation.”

“Peter Dutton continues to inject Australia into the potential explosion of North Asia with his prudent remarks,” Keating said in a statement. Australia is of course successful and prosperous. That is, I am not in a position of management or management. “

Dutton had previously accused Keating of being in favor of an appeasement policy with China and not touching on the current strategic reality.

“That is, if you look at Paul Keating, Neville Keating, and Paul Keating, no matter which one you choose, it’s the right Monica for Paul Keating,” Dutton said.

“In my lifetime, I can’t see what Paul Keating tells the truth in 2021. It’s a great pleasure to think that the United States may be debilitating Keating’s heart. “

Dutton also accused some of the Australian media of claiming “peace from a weakness standpoint.”

Both the Australian Government and the Labor Party have recently Increasing Chinese military pressure To Taiwan, a democratically governed island of 24 million people, with the long-term goal of “unifying” what Beijing considers to be its territory.

However, Wong aimed at Dutton Talk to an Australian newspaper earlier this month: “If the United States chooses to take that action, it is unlikely that we will not support it in its actions.”

On Friday, Dutton was asked what he said by the parents of Australian Defense Force children who might be sent to a conflict to protect Taiwan.

When the Taliban sent personnel to Kabul in August to assist in evacuation after the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, Dutton said he would not lightly deploy military personnel, adding that he “feels heavy.”

“I quoted the 1930s earlier, but as parents, there are many men and women who have sent their children into conflict in nearby areas, Europe, and many other parts of the world. And I I don’t want to see it repeat, “Dutton said.

He said Australia cannot be expected to support the United States in the future if it is a “weak, unreliable and unreliable friend” for its highest security ally. Dad and ADF members “.

A spokesperson for the Chinese embassy said Australia’s overall when relations between China and Australia “gained momentum” and when the Australian government developed a national strategy based on such unvisioned analysis and became obsolete. It is “unthinkable” that it will bring great benefits. Mentality “.

Last year, Beijing launched a variety of trade actions with Australia’s export sector, including wine, barley, beef and seafood, and refused to allow ministerial calls because of the bad “atmosphere” of negotiations. ..

Labor Party defense spokesperson Brendan O’Connor called on Morrison to “detain” Dutton, arguing that it was “really irresponsible” for the Defense Minister to misrepresent the views of the Australian opposition.

“I think he has the right to say that we need to look to prepare for the worst and to ensure the best possible results in our region, but politics. I don’t think it helped to use war rhetoric for any purpose, it was just wise, “O’Connor told Sky News.

“We will never return to the list of requests from China, and we support the government in protecting our values ​​and interests in the region,” O’Connor said.

“Misses of the 1930s”: Peter Dutton is excited about Chinese rhetoric because Keating calls him a “dangerous personality.”Peter Dutton

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