Misinformation Media Machines Amplify Trump’s Elections Lie | 2020 US Elections

The network made their call, world leaders began to pay their respect, and even Fox News and other media in Rupert Murdoch seem to have given up ghosts in the second term for Donald Trump. .. But in a video posted on Facebook on November 7, which has been watched more than 16.5 million times since then, NewsMax host and former Trump administration official Carl Higbie has falsely accused him of questioning the outcome of the presidential election. I spit out the alleged laundry list for 3 minutes.

“I think it’s time to keep the line,” Higby, who resigned from the government post because of his abundant track record of racist, homophobic, and prejudiced remarks, told Trump. “I’m very skeptical and you should be.”

Shared more than 350,000 times on Facebook, this video is just one of the misinformation constellations in favor of Trump, with millions of Americans doubting or rejecting the outcome of the presidential election. .. According to Politico / Morning Consult polls conducted after the election day, 70% of Republicans believe the election was not “free and fair.” Among those allegations, the majority believe in two of Trump’s brave lies: mail ballots lead to fraud and ballots have been tampered with.

Trump himself is the number one cause of false alarms in elections. Since Tuesday, the president has barely spoken to the public, except to share lies and false information about the election. But his message attacking the election process has been amplified by many right-wing media and experts who appear to be joking on behalf of Fox News as an outlet for trumpist choices-and Facebook and YouTube. It has been transferred to platforms such as.

According to a Guardian analysis of posts using Facebook’s CrowdTangle, 16 of the top 20 public Facebook posts containing the word “election” since the election date are false or misunderstood in favor of Trump. It features information that invites you. -Owned analysis tools. Thirteen of them were posted on the president’s own page, one was a direct quote from Trump published by Fox News, one was by right-wing evangelical Christian Franklin Graham, and the last was a Newsmax Higbie video. is.

Four non-misinformation posts include a congratulatory message by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to Biden and Kamala Harris, a prayer request to Trump, and a memorial to his father, evangelist Billy Graham. Two posts by Graham, including.

On YouTube, hosts such as Steven Crowder, a conservative YouTuber with more than 5 million followers, are also pushing content that question election results. The video Live Updates from Crowder: Democrats Try to Steal the Election has been watched 5 million times, and the nearly two-hour video headlined Fox News has already been played over a million times, not your friends.

Women attend a rally at the Orange County Voter Office in Santa Ana, California. Photo: Paul Bersebach / AP

Condemned allegations of election fraud are similarly amplified by right-wing media players who are willing to participate fully in election fraud. These outlets seem to take advantage of the frustration of Trump supporters on Fox News to report the actual results of the election.

Newsmax, a far-right outlet that included William Reese Mogg as a member of the founding committee, refused to take pride in the outcome of the election. Tweet On Saturday, it remained “the only major news network that does not call elections.” The Facebook feed, perhaps even Trump himself, alternates between postings about Newsmax’s new popularity and supposed election fraud.

The president’s audience rewards Newsmax for its loyalty. Newsmax’s Facebook success has exploded after an average of less than 500,000 interactions per week during the first 10 months of the year, with 7.3 million interactions and 59.7 million sites since November 1st. Won the video view of.

“Maga Proponents-Their dedication is directed to Trump and the Trump family. When facts and stories don’t support it, they’re ready to throw away other sources, and it includes Fox. “Data & research affiliate Becca Lewis said the Social Research Institute to study false alarms.

When Newsmax was challenged by CNN host Brian Stelter in an on-air interview about why they chose to broadcast “election denials” and “fake fraudulent votes,” Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said the network was ” He claimed to have “all perspectives”. All other major media outlets reporting the victory in Biden’s election claimed to be “in a hurry.”

The CEO of Newsmax is not the one who doesn’t know the wrong information. As a young conservative reporter during the Clinton administration, he was “one of the main conspiracy theorists” who questioned the suicide of White House attorney Vince Foster.

Newsmax is not the only conservative outlet that is amplifying Trump’s false claims about election legitimacy. One America News CEO, right-wing outlet known for spreading conspiracy theory and hiring prominent Pizzagate conspiracy theorists as correspondents Tweet On Tuesday, 1.2 million followers at the outlet told him, “In all states where illegal voting was found, not only was Biden not elected as AP claimed, but the wonderful @realDonaldTrump was again president. May be confirmed .. “

False election claims are not limited to the Internet and radio waves. At a Saturday “Stop the Steal” rally hosted by long-time tea party activists and anti-lockdown protesters, attendees were featured in Higbie’s Newsmax monologue, including claims already confirmed by the local Michigan press. I quoted some of the exact same stories. Some at the rally said they didn’t trust Fox News, and even after Fox called for Biden’s election, the pro-Trump crowd was still chanting “four more years!” .. And “I won!”

The fact that many Trump supporters do not trust the election results is not surprising, as the president “prepared supporters not to accept the results if he did not win,” false alarm researchers said. Said Lewis.

What impressed her, according to her, was the tension within the right-wing media about how to deal with election results or what to talk about what went wrong.

“They aren’t really clicking on clear stories as quickly as Trump’s media ecosystem does often,” she said.

The lack of a simple counterargument can be a response to a slow, elicited process for establishing actual election results. But it may also be a reaction to Trump, who is angry and tweeting, but mostly away from the public. She said Mr. Trump wasn’t “as visible as he’s usually”, but that it gives the right-wing media “a little less direction to go.”

“Both Fox News and the Senate Republicans may not want to undermine democracy so blatantly, but at the same time, this tricky thing that they don’t want to lose the support of Trump supporters, who are very clear and blatant. I’m trying to manipulate the situation. There’s a big scam, “Lewis said.

Misinformation Media Machines Amplify Trump’s Elections Lie | 2020 US Elections

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