Merrick Garland puts domestic terrorism and civil rights at the top of the agenda of justice | US Judiciary System

New Attorney General, Merrick GarlandHas set an ambitious agenda to combat US domestic terrorism, including white supremacists and hate crimes, and is strengthening civil rights and voting rights, an important area with a short withdrawal from the Trump administration, the former federation said. Prosecutors and members of Congress say.

The Justice Department shift represents one of Joe Biden’s toughest turnarounds since the Trump era. Under former Attorney General Bill Barr, the Department of Justice was often seen at Trump’s beckoning, and the former president was accused of treating it as his own legal affairs.

However, although Garland has been acclaimed for some early initiatives and his priorities, former senior officials are still cutting out his work to rebuild an important part of the institution, the Department of Justice said. Observer says.

In two parliamentary appearances this month, Garland made his “top priority” to fight domestic terrorism after the January 6 Capitol attack, making early moves to expand civil rights. , Showed that it requested new funding for that. Execution of voting rights.

On May 12, Garland detailed some of the early steps to combat domestic terrorism at a Senate hearing. It emphasized efforts to work with foreign allies and technology companies to combat the threat of increased violence after the Capitol riots. The post has spurred more than 2,000 criminal charges against 411 suspects.

Garland, who led the investigation into the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, which killed 168 people in an early justice mission, said in his testimony that the country’s greatest threat was “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism.” For the superiority of White Race, who said he came from “the extremists” and picked out “the defenders.”

In addition, in an early civil rights initiative, the day after a grand jury convicted former white police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, Garland was a pattern in which Minneapolis Police could discriminate and overpower.

To oversee civil rights, Biden tapped two prominent veterans in the field. Kristen Clark is still waiting for Senate confirmation to become the first black woman to lead the civil rights sector.Both have been praised by former prosecutors

Carlan wins Joe Biden’s election by hiring a male-owned inexperienced company, Cyber ​​Ninja, who has shown to be in sync with Trump’s false conspiracy allegations that the election was stolen. Already stepped into the Arizona Senate Republican Party’s willingness to overturn. Leads the recount of 2.1 million votes in the state’s largest county. Karlan expressed strong concern last week to Arizona’s top lawmakers that recounting could violate voter threatening legislation and ballot security rules.

Some former Justice Department senior lawyers and members of the House of Representatives hope Garland can change the direction of policy under Bar and its predecessor Jeff Sessions, but Garland expands civil rights enforcement. And be aware that they are facing some obstacles that may hinder their efforts to tackle domestic terrorism.

Former Judiciary Inspector General Michael Bromwich said in an interview: “There were a lot of very talented people in the civil rights sector who decided they couldn’t stand Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions. [and so left].. I think they have a HR problem because of the bleeding in the last few years. “

Similarly, Bromwich said shifting the FBI from a 20-year focus on foreign terrorism since 9/11 to domestic terrorism would require some work. “The FBI is like an ocean liner and hard to move,” Bromwich said.

Still, “everyone admits that foreign terrorism is not as big a threat as domestic terrorism,” he added, and FBI Director Chris Ray understood the seriousness of the domestic threat in last year’s parliament. He testified that a major threat would come. From the far right and white supremacist groups.

Some members of Congress believe they are ahead of other major challenges in eradicating right-wing extremism.

“Donald Trump threw kerosene on the already expanding right-wing extremist fire,” said Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. “Now, this department needs a strategy to look upstream of the Confederate flag-raising rebels on January 6th to the funders, organizers, and platforms behind them.”

Similarly, the White House sees some obstacles to curbing the growing national oppression efforts of voters. “A top priority for large Republican donors is a large, dark-funded voter restraint campaign. That’s why the Republican Party is pushing voter restraint bills in all state capitols in the country, and I Last year, the top operatives in a right-wing campaign to occupy our courts went completely to vote restraint.

“The Department of Justice needs a strong and talented voting team. Biden administration Overall, we need a strategy to counter the dark forces that are carrying out its voter restraint operations. The White House emphasized.

Garland has made domestic terrorism a top priority following the January 6 riots. Photo: Robert Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images

Indeed, Garland’s early policy movements and budgetary demands suggest that he is moving quickly to change sector priorities.

To strengthen civil rights activities, Garland demanded Congress $ 209 million ($ 33 ​​million more than the previous year). This prosecuted a wave of hate crimes against Asian Americans during the pandemic and emphasized that it was necessary to secure voting rights. Expanded as Republican efforts are currently underway to reduce them in many states.

In addition, on May 4, Garland said in House’s testimony that he was seeking an increase of more than $ 100 million in budget to fund the fight against domestic terrorism. In the new budget, the FBI is calling for an additional $ 45 million and $ 40 to expand domestic terrorist investigations. Further m for US lawyers to manage these cases.

In an interview, Democrat Tom Malinowski said changing Garland’s clock was encouraging. “I was very pleased to see their move in Arizona and reestablish their historic role in exercising civil and voting rights.”

Voting veterans in some sectors are also looking forward to ongoing changes.

“DoJ wasn’t taking action during the Trump era from a civil rights enforcement perspective, especially in the world of voting rights,” said Gerry Hebert, a senior lawyer in the voting rights section for over 20 years. ..

However, Carlan and Clark said: “A superstar in the civil rights community … and you’ll be a game changer because you know how active enforcement of civil rights law can improve the lives of all Americans.”

Merrick Garland puts domestic terrorism and civil rights at the top of the agenda of justice | US Judiciary System

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