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All versions come with a modest amount of rear axle steering, but it is possible to unlock the system with a lock of up to 10 degrees, dramatically reducing the EQS rotation circle, maneuvering and Parking will be easier. If you have fully autonomous parking technology enabled, you don’t have to worry about that.

Before entering, you can clean the air and set the cabin to the desired temperature. The door can be opened and closed automatically with the push of a button. It can also be opened and closed automatically when you approach the car with a person’s key. As a driver, you jump in and step on the brake pedal and the door closes behind you.

The instrument display at the top is the MBUX Hyperscreen, a sleek looking One Piece digital dashboard. It actually consists of three separate screens. Passengers in the passenger seat get their own display to interact. For safety, the camera monitors the driver and automatically dims when it detects that the driver’s attention is focused on the passenger seat screen.

Like the current Mercedes S-Class, the EQS comes standard with a 12.3-inch driver display and a 12.8-inch central touch screen.

The cabin isn’t just about technology. It also looks gorgeous. The Mercedes-EQ offers a lot of personalization in the interior, showing incredible attention to detail.

The EQS sits between the regular and long wheelbase versions of the S-Class in terms of length. The elongated shape is designed to minimize the resistance of the car as it travels through the air and is highly effective. Mercedes-EQ claims that EQS is “the most aerodynamic production vehicle in the world” due to its low drag coefficient of 0.2.

The appearance of EQS can vary significantly depending on the box you check on the order form. You can choose from standard AMG lines and exterior styles of electric art, and there are night packages to add to them. Digital light headlight technology is worth mentioning. Using 1.3 million micromirrors and video projector technology, it realizes various safety features and welcomes drivers in a fashionable light show.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Flagship Here by Christmas — Motoringnz

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