Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Shade with Midnight in the Switchgrass

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly seem to be moving away from the movie (Photo: Todd Williamson via Getty Images / NBC / NBCU Photobank)

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly started their love story with the Midnight in the Switchgrass set, so you’ll think they’re making the release bigger.

But the couple seems to have shaded the thrillers – and the director’s fiancée has shaded them directly behind them.

Machine Gun Kelly, 31, appeared to disrespect the movie on Instagram Live at the beginning of the month when discussing his acting chops.

Rapper, real name Corson Baker, said:

Machine Gun Kelly began to laugh and pointed to 35-year-old Megan. I heard Megan off the screen saying, “Don’t do that yet.”

The couple then dropped out of the Monday night premiere at Legal LA Live because of concerns about the increase in Covid-19 cases in Los Angeles.

A Megan representative said: ‘Megan Fox will no longer be attending tonight’s premiere due to the recent increase in California Maskman dates and COVID incidents. Thank you for your understanding. “

Before the premiere, after rising incident rates, indoor mask wear was revived in Los Angeles, and the press wasn’t invited from the afterparty to keep numbers down-a legitimate excuse for Megan to bail. ..

However, Midnight in the Switchgrass director Randall Emmett’s fiancé Lala Kent didn’t seem to be impressed by Megan, MGK, or co-star Bruce Willis, who skipped the premiere.

In her Instagram story, Lara posted a congratulatory post to all cast members, including her partner and Emile Hirsch, except for those who didn’t attend the premiere.

The Vanderpump Rule star also posted a very pointed snap where she stood in front of Megan in a movie poster and shared the caption “I’m so excited about this” over the actress’s name. ..

Lara seemed to cast a shadow over the leading actress (Photo: Instagram)

However, Randall Emmett thanked all casts in his Instagram post celebrating the premiere, tagging Megan and Machine Gun Kelly along with the rest of the cast who attended the screening.

Missing the premiere was due to Covid’s restrictions, but Megan and Machine Gun Kelly do little to promote the film and don’t share promotional material on social media.

But they both promoted Megan’s next horror Till Death, which the actress discussed in many television interviews.

Perhaps the first review has something to do with this resistance – Hollywood Reporter Reading that review, I suggested that some of the stars don’t seem to want to be there:’The movie that claims itself as a crime thriller mystery isn’t approaching even the lowest expectations. .. It does not take its character seriously and does not commit to superficial attempts at topicality.

To Midnight in the Switchgrass, Megan plays Rebecca Lombardi, An FBI agent who works with her partner Karl Herter (played by Bruce Willis) to burst the circle of sexual trafficking.

In one scene, Lombardi unmasks to act as the “bait” for the pimps played by MGK and hits his face before asking him about the alleged serial killer.

However, Lombardi was kidnapped by the target, her life remained balanced, and her partner Helter and Texas Ranger Byron Crawford (Emile Hirsch) were given only a few hours to find her. Has deteriorated.

The film is based on the story of Robert Rhodes, a trackstop killer who has been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole after being convicted of three murders.

Rhoades is suspected of torturing, raping, and killing more than 50 women between 1975 and 1990.

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly met on a set and there was a spark at the moment Randall Emmett told Yahoo !. Entertainment:’There was a take that was fascinated by the performance that made me sit behind the monitor and forget to say “action!”. Megan sometimes says “Randall, are you going to call it” action “? It had to be like. I was like, “Oh, that’s my bad thing!”

After Megan broke up with her husband Brian Austin Green, she went public with the rapper, and since then the pair have called each other “twin flames”, and Replace the PDA on the red carpet.

Midnight in the Switchgrass will be available on July 23rd.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Shade with Midnight in the Switchgrass

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