Mean Girls Alum, Lacey Chabert, misses “generous” & “hearty” sister Wendy on holidays after sudden death at age 46

Mean Girls alum actress Lacey Chabert misses her “generous” and “gentle” sister Wendy at Thanksgiving after her sudden death at the age of 46.

Known for playing the role of Gretchan Weeners in the 2004 movie Mean Girls, the star posted a heartfelt Instagram post after his sister. Wendy’s sudden death on Tuesday.


Lacey Chabert posted yet another heartbreaking compliment to his deceased sister Wendy.Credit: Getty
Lacy shared a retrospective photo of her sister after Wendy's sudden death on Tuesday.


Lacy shared a retrospective photo of her sister after Wendy’s sudden death on Tuesday.Credits: Instagram / there allacey

Lacy wrote yet another heartfelt letter to her sister’s memory and thanked the fans for reaching out with their wishes and sympathy.

The actress writes, “I am truly grateful for the love I have given to our family during this devastating time.”

She continued to share Thanksgiving compliments in her sister’s memory.

Lacy posted: “On this Thanksgiving day, I thank her for her beautiful life. I thank you for not ending the call without saying I love you. Thank you for seeing her again. increase.”

She concluded, “Wendy, I miss you.”

The photo used in the post was a throwback of Lacy as a kid, where Wendy and her other sister, Clichy, were standing in front of a Christmas tree and sharing a doll.

Her brother TJ Chabert was not drawn.

“Our heart is shattered.”

On Tuesday, after Lacy posted catastrophic news on her Instagram, the Texas Coroner’s Office confirmed her death to the sun.

The cause of death has not been identified as the results of toxicology are ongoing.

Wendy, 46, lived in Texas with his two sons.

Wendy was undergoing divorce proceedings at the time of her death, the sun can be confirmed.

Wendy filed for divorce from her husband Shane in August 2019.

Cases are listed as “pending”.

She previously applied for divorce in 2010 and 2017, both of which were dismissed.

Sister’s pain

A heartbreaking post, Lacy Wrote a letter I wrote to her late sister: “My beautiful sister, Wendy.

“Our heart is broken into millions, but now that you’re gone, we don’t know how we’ll get it back again.

“We love and worship you like never before. We will continue forever and ever.

“The shocking loss left us so traumatized. Our lives would never be the same without my beloved sister, but to Jesus’ promise that we will be together again forever. I will stick.

“Put our family, especially her two boys, into our hearts and prayers. Thank you very much.”


The loved ones expressed their condolences to Lacy’s post.

Bethany Joy Lenz, alum of a tree hill, commented:

Single Ali Fedotovsky writes:

Sister, Sister Star Tamera Morley commented:

Melissa Joan Hart left a message: “I’m devastated and grieving! Lacy, I’m sorry! I send you a lot of love.”

Lacy’s Life

Lacy, 38, made the audience laugh as Gretchan Weeners in the teen comedy “Mean Girls.” Famous Hallmark actress..

She has appeared in dozens of movies on the channel, including A Wish for Christmas (2016), Christmas in Rome (2019), Love, Romance and Chocolate (2019).

Last year, the Mean Girls cast reunited and The most famous scenes in the movie..

When she and her fellow co-stars filmed their parts from their respective homes, they took them to Instagram and co-star Lindsay Lohan posted a clip to her 8.6 million followers.

The video begins with a 2004 movie scene where Lindsey character Caddy and Rachel McAdams character Regina George talk about Gretchan Wiener running for the Spring Flying Queen.

As Regina continued to blame Gretchen for her cuteness, she later blamed Badmouth co-star Amanda Seyfried’s Karen Smith for “as ** t.”

While 34-year-old Lindsay is reading the script on the couch, the video goes back and forth between the movie and the present.

As movie fans know, Gretchen was listening all the time, and when Regina hangs up, she dials Karen and hints that someone has said something wrong about her.

Lacy and Amanda can be seen hanging at home while 34-year-old Amanda is lying in bed and playing their part.

In the movie, Karen mistakenly moans at Gretchen about Gretchen-she thinks she’s in a different direction than Regina.

Regina had previously lied to Caddy and said she was going to sleep, but she really wants to go out with Karen.

But after Gretchen tells Karen that Regina says she is “as ** t,” Karen changes her mind.

The scene ends with Karen’s iconic fake cough and Regina’s equally memorable reaction.

16th anniversary

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of Mean Girls, many of the cast gathered shortly after the recreation, but one admitted it was “awkward.”

Jonathan Bennett, who played the role of Regina’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels, admitted that the virtual aspect of the reunion made it quite strange.

He describes the reunion moderated by Katie Couric:

“Because this is the problem … we’re all together for the first time in 16 years, we’re together for the first time and do it with Zoom-it’s awkward to meet each other for the first time already. You want to say so. But when you’re on a Zoom call, it’s even more annoying because you’re waiting for the other person to talk and you don’t want to get in the way. “

Wendy died suddenly at the age of 46


Wendy died suddenly at the age of 46Credits: Instagram / there allacey
Lacy broke the news on social media and fans and friends sent condolences


Lacy broke the news on social media and fans and friends sent condolencesCredits: Instagram / there allacey
The cause of Wendy's death has not yet been identified, as toxicological results are ongoing.


The cause of Wendy’s death has not yet been identified, as toxicological results are ongoing.Credit: Getty

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Mean Girls Alum, Lacey Chabert, misses “generous” & “hearty” sister Wendy on holidays after sudden death at age 46

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