Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor Split: Love Island Stars Confirm Farewell

Maura and Chris confirmed their division (Photo: ITV / REX)

Love islandof Maura Higgins And Chris Taylor split together six months later.

Maura confirmed the news in her Instagram story and said they had made a co-determination to end their relationship.

A 30-year-old wrote:’Even typing this breaks my mind. But I wanted to let everyone know that I and Chris had made a joint decision to end our relationship.

“There is no cheating on either side … We still love, care for and respect each other. We are very close friends from the moment we meet each other and it will never change.

“I have no regrets. Life is about seizing opportunities. We wanted to do this job, but we realized that it would be better to be friends.

“I’m grateful that people can guess and create false stories, but this is true.

“I hope Chris is none other than the best, and I will always be one of his greatest supporters.”

Maura announces news on social media (Photo: Instagram)

Chris, also 30 years old, wrote his statement about his story.

He writes:

“We are still in very good shape and this was a mutual decision that no one did bad. We have been friends since day one and I have always been in the corner of Maura to put her I’ll take you.

“Both we are experiencing very difficult times at this ATM, so make a guess with metric tons of salt. This is the only truth (and as always, trolls are kindly f * ** Can be turned off). “

Both stars thanked the fans for their love and support.

Chris last appeared on Maura’s Instagram a month ago. An Irish real-life star shared a photo of her snuggling up on a hot tab with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, on April 22, Chris shared a photo of the same escape that ruined the couple’s photo with a silly face. Penis Baby & Thank you for your patience.

Maura and Chris both appeared in the Love Island 2019 series, and they were temporarily combined as friends, but Maura dated Curtis Pritchard and Chris dated Harley Blush.

But in November 2020, the fans were happy. The pair confirmed their romance in a beloved photo in Dubai.

Chris writes on Instagram, along with their lovely pictures leaning on to kiss:

He previously suggested that they were just friends and told Vicky Patterson:

“We care for each other, care for each other, and basically bully each other. I don’t think we’ll say good things to each other’s faces, but that’s our joke.

“She is Irish, it’s an Irish joke, it’s my kind of joke. If you were around us together, you would say,” These two f ** kings hate each other. You’ll think, we don’t.

“We like each other and that wasn’t beyond our hearts and wouldn’t happen because of the fact that we don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

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Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor Split: Love Island Stars Confirm Farewell

Source link Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor Split: Love Island Stars Confirm Farewell

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