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Mana whenua gets full voting rights at Wellington City Council

Wellington’s Mana Honua representative is given full voting rights and participates in almost all council and subcommittees.

Councilor Jill Day states that there must be multiple ways the council can engage with Maori.
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so Council meeting This morning, a majority of eight to six councilors voted in favor of the decision.

Currently, the representatives of Taranaki Fanui Ki Te Upoko o Te Squid and Ngati Toa Langatira are members of the Strategic Policy Committee and the Annual / Long-term Planning Committee.

They are not paid and have no voting rights.

Due to the plan change, it will come into effect on July 1, 2021, and the representative will participate in all committees and subcommittees except the CEO Performance Evaluation Committee.

Council too The first step to establishing a Maori ward, In time for the next election.

“The Maori ward itself is not the only tool to use in our involvement with Maori,” said Jill Day. “You need to use multiple tools.

“We need to be creative, we don’t have to accept the status quo, so we need to challenge and change. [to] We hope our system will be more comprehensive.

“Our past was that the Maori were legally excluded from decision-making. They were actually promised the right to be part of it.”

Taranaki Whānui and Ngāti Toa will be rewarded with the same annual reward of $ 111,225 as the elected members.


One person is appointed for each committee and subcommittee, but the person nominated may vary by committee and subcommittee.

“Tetity recognizes the right to participate in iwi, which is supported by international law,” said Naomi Solomon of Ngartito Arangatilla.

“The Mana Honua perspective must actually be implemented within the laws of Aotearoa, New Zealand, such as through RMA. [Resource Management Act] And local government law.

“Having representation, including voting and compensation, actually helps us to fulfill our obligations as Mana Honua.

“We are on our journey as a nation, and it’s time for this to happen.”

The Wellington City Council is not the first council to make such a move. For example, in the Rotorua Lakes Council, iwi representatives participate in several committees with full voting rights and the same compensation as elected members.

Hamilton City Council It has contracts with Waikato Tainui and Ternanga o Kirikiri Loa, with representatives attending all committees and each committee receiving an annual membership fee of $ 110,000 per appointed person.

Mana whenua gets full voting rights at Wellington City Council

SourceMana whenua gets full voting rights at Wellington City Council

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