Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson baby bump photo removed by Instagram

Louise Thompson expects his first child with Ryan Libby (Photo: Instagram)

Louise Thompson’s baby bump photo was removed by Instagram after being considered “violating community guidelines”

made in Chelsea Stars Expecting her first child with fiancé Ryan Libby, Both 31, confirm their happy news earlier this year.

After mom announces They are set to welcome boys, She lay down on the bed, showing off her naked bumps and sharing photos in the Instagram story.

She covered her chest with a photo and focused on the growing stomach before the “scan”.

But later on, fitness experts shared a screenshot stating that the previous photo was “deleted due to sexual solicitation.”

Dissatisfied with the decision, Louise commented:’I was shocked to remove my pregnant body story because Instagram violates community guidelines.

Louise shared a snap of her pregnancy bumps with her fans (Photo: Instagram)

“If someone finds that discomfort, it’s soz.”

A reality star and sister of Sam Thompson, he will pass the midpoint in July and give birth in the next few months.

She talked to Metro.co.uk in a frank chat and confessed that she had previously discussed her relationship with social media and was vigilant. Post a specific part of her pregnancy journey..

Louise later revealed that her Instagram post was deleted (Photo: Instagram).

“I think especially at the beginning. I didn’t announce it in the 12th week, but I was a little worried that something bad might happen or I might have a miscarriage, so I waited a little longer,” she said. Said.

“Then I thought this was a very big part of my life. I’m growing so fast that I can’t hide it anyway. I’m so short so it’s very clear I was able to see it.

“I think I’ve become more cautious about what I share. I still share a lot. I really like the bath and people are quite in conflict as to whether it’s a good idea. ..

‘I will make a specific effort to show [fans] I shoot a thermometer on video, as if I were in the bath, and that people realize that I’m responsible enough to measure the temperature in the bath it needs to be checked. It’s a little minefield out there and you can’t do the right thing. “

“I haven’t done the final home stretch yet, so I think there are still tough moments, so there’s nothing certain,” she added.

“But it’s about pregnancy, there’s nothing for sure. You just don’t know until the end.”

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Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson baby bump photo removed by Instagram

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