Luis Clairebert left in memory of the morning fight

Lewis Clareburt says his motivation will double shortly before winning New Zealand’s first medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The 22-year-old finished 7th in the 400m individual medley on Sunday. He was caught by a fellow rival in this race.

Claire Bert, who was the second fastest qualifier, was not the front runner after the butterfly, but came forward following the backstroke leg. He returned the lead to American Chase Kalisz, who was defeated by Clairebert in the heat with a nasty breaststroke leg, with nothing in the freestyle tank and the rest within the last 50 meters of the race. I was defeated in the field.

“I was angry,” Clairebert said. “In the last 100 meters I found out I was with everyone. I could see I participating in the mix. Also, in the last 50 meters everyone overtook me. I was able to see it.

“My lungs are gone. My body is frozen and lactic acid just hit you.”

Unlike the heat that took place on Saturday night, the final was a morning contest. Clairebert said the situation could be different if the race was held later in the day. He was proud of his time because he was the fastest swimmer in the morning.

“I got up at 5:30 this morning and tried to do everything I could to get over the blues in the morning,” he explained.

“I thought it would be difficult to get up in the morning. It was easy to identify what went wrong. If the final was at night, it would probably be another story.

“The first few hours after the race were tough. It was pretty hard to see them on the podium, and I wasn’t.

“Whenever I went to an international comp, I got up and it didn’t happen. My motivation will double in the future.”

Clairebert said he was disappointed that he didn’t make it to the podium, but was overwhelmed by the message of support he received from his fans in his hometown.

The 400m individual medley was his main event, but Clareburt has another chance at the pool as part of the 200m field. The 200m individual medley heat will be held on Wednesday and the final will be on Thursday.

“I think I can surprise myself,” Clairebert said of his chances at the event. “Any shape or shape can be upset. Now that the pressure is gone, it’s fun to race.”

Luis Clairebert left in memory of the morning fight

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