Low-dose “pills” associated with pain in orgasm, study results

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Friday, May 3 (HealthDay News)-Women Take contraception Tablets with low levels of estrogen-generally prescribed Contraceptive -May be at high risk of chronicity Pelvic pain And pain During ~ orgasm, According to a new study.

A study of nearly 1,000 women found that low-dose women Oral contraceptives More likely than standard doses (high estrogen levels) or non-standard doses pill, Report Pelvic pain..

Dr. Nilit Rosenberg, an assistant professor of urology at NYU Langone Health Center in New York City, who specializes in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, said:

She compared to further investigate potential links pain Symptoms of low-dose women Oral contraceptives With people who are not taking pills and those who are taking standard doses.

She plans to present her findings at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting in San Diego on Tuesday, but acknowledges that additional research is needed to understand the association.

For her study, Rosenblum defined a low dose Oral contraceptives As containing less than 20 micrograms (mcg) of synthetic estrogen. (The name often includes the word “lo”.) 20 mcg and above are “standard” or normal doses.

When natural estrogen production declines in menopause, Women can start the experience Pelvic painSaid Rosenblum.

To check if it is low estrogen contraception She evaluated the responses of an online survey of 932 women aged 18-39, related to two major universities.Women with a history of pelvic pain, pelvic pain Endometriosis Or who was Pregnant Excluded from study.

Women reported if they were on pill Whether and what dose of pill.Of the 327 women taking contraception Pills, about half used low-dose pills. The other 605 women did not take the pill.

The women answered questions about pain. Twenty-seven percent of people taking low-dose pills reported symptoms of pelvic pain or chronic pelvic pain, compared to 17.5% of those who did not take pills.

She found that people taking regular doses of pills were less likely to have overall pelvic pain than people taking no pills.

Users of low-dose pills reported pain during or after orgasm twice as likely as users who did not take the pill. 25% vs. 12%. People taking high-dose tablets reported no difference in pain at the sexual climax compared to those who did not take oral contraceptives.

Dr. Christopher Payne, a professor of urology at Stanford University School of Medicine and director of the Department of Women’s Urology, said this information could be useful. But “I don’t know if I can draw any conclusions from this,” he added.

“You can only say that you have an association [between the low-dose pills and pelvic pain]”I can’t say that’s the cause and effect,” he said.

But “that’s certainly something people need to know,” he added. He said the proposed mechanism-lower estrogen is somehow associated with pain-is plausible.

“We observed the people who have Bladder pain They often say they have flare ups Before menstruation Period with the lowest estrogen level of the whole Menstrual cycle“Pain said. However, he said that some women also reported pain in other parts of the cycle.

“This information can help clinicians recognize that there may be a relationship between a woman’s hormone levels and her. Hormone therapy And their pain. “

But he and other pain specialists are looking at a subgroup of women, women with pain problems. Many women taking low-dose pills may have no problems with low estrogen levels, Payne said.

Women using low-dose pills that feel pain may ask their doctor about switching to another contraceptive or using high-dose, according to Rosenbram.However, high dose tablets are associated with other risk factors such as: Blood clot And strokeTherefore, women need to discuss the pros and cons with their doctors.

Research data and conclusions presented at medical conferences should be considered preliminary until published in peer-reviewed journals.

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Source: Nirit Rosenblum, MD, Associate Professor, Urology, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York City. Christopher Payne, MD, Professor, Urology, and Director of Women’s Urology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, California. Presentation, American Urological Association, Annual Meeting, May 7, 2013, San Diego, CA.

Low-dose “pills” associated with pain in orgasm, study results

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