Love Island’s Olivia Buckland admits dramatic weight loss after hatred

Olivia said she worked “always” for comments (Photo: Leah Toby / Getty Images)

Olivia Buckland appeared in the 2016 series Love island With her current husband Alex Bowen, but despite finding love, the star admitted that she was suffering from physical problems after appearing in her hit ITV2 show.

Alex and Olivia knotted in 2018 and are currently refurbishing the Essex Pads together.

Reality stars are often praised by fans for her honest view of social media and the spread of body positivity.

But she’s now talking about how hard she’s found constant scrutiny from social media users.

CoppaFeel! Talking to Jackie Adedeji on the new Boob Share with, Olivia revealed how terrible some of her hatred was.

She said:’Some hatred, comments were just terrible, even when I came out at night.

“I remember being small when I came out. I think I lost half of the stone just because I was stressed.

Alex and Olivia met in Love Island’s 2016 series and got married in 2018 (Photo: Rex)

“I remember seeing a photo I took during my workout. When I saw that photo, I thought,” Oh, I have a really terrible face. ” These people called me fat online from these pictures.

She went on to add:’I was about eight stones, maybe seven and a half years. I was small and it’s getting cold.And I look at the pictures and I [fat].. “

Olivia isn’t the only one to speak frankly about the trolling she experienced online because the show exposed her to the public domain.

Brett Staniland, who was expelled from the island last week, is subject to “relentless” trolling.

Brett’s brother Scott talked about the hatred of Love Island stars (Photo: ITV / Rex / Shutterstock).

Said his same twin brother Scott, who was in control of his social media while he was in the villa BBC news It has proved how difficult it is to manage an account.

“I’m the same twin as him, so whatever I see about how he looks or what he looks like, I take it very personally,” Scott said.

“It’s also relentless and it’s a really weird space online. There’s no result of saying anything online when you’re at home with a piece of plastic in your hand.”

Alex and Olivia have been together for over five years and were the runners-up in the Love Island season.

The duo has attracted 735,000 followers to Instagram’s home account @thebowenhome.

They have recorded a lot of their refurbishments to please their fans and revealed the latest project to be completed earlier this week.

The patios in their homes have been modified from bare patios to include plenty of comfortable seating, hot tubs and dining areas.

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Love Island's Olivia Buckland admits dramatic weight loss after hatred

Source link Love Island's Olivia Buckland admits dramatic weight loss after hatred

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