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The modular electric vehicle platform can support future Lotus electric vehicles with two types of battery arrangements.

The British brand has recently unveiled some of its lineup of vehicles to be rolled out over the next few years, opening up for a lightweight chassis architecture set up to support at least some of these. rice field.

The priority project is a new battery-powered sports car manufactured in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Renault’s newly built performance arm, Alpine. Others will come from China, the hometown of Lotus owner Geely.

Developed under the so-called Project LEVA (acronym for Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture) announced last October, this architecture provides a blueprint for developing electric lotus models with variable powertrains and battery layouts. increase.

The British company says the rear subframe is 37 percent lighter than the comparable construction found in the company’s last petrol-powered model, the Lotus Emira, due out in 2022 in New Zealand.

With relatively small changes, the platform can be modified to fit three different types of two-door bodies.

It can accommodate single or twin electric motors in a variety of configurations, and you can choose between two battery packs with capacities up to 66.4kWh or 99.6kWh.

The setup is created using cold cure, spot bonding, and advanced welding techniques. Importantly, it has a cylindrical battery cell and the ability to support single or double electric motors.

Lotus Announces EV Chassis — Motoringnz

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