Loosen the bridle or risk losing your horse

We at Kiwi are always proud to be DIY-friendly and are people who say “get it done” or “leave it to me”. And while this is definitely a good quality to own it, when it comes to running a business, it can sometimes go too far. I have seen this lead to the collapse of many businesses. Especially at the stage of growth when business owners refuse to give up some of their control.

Let’s puts this in the context of Bay of Plenty’s current building boom, a fictitious but familiar example.

Bob is a plumber who went out alone after leaving a large company. He picks up some of the builders he works for and he begins to get busy because of his quality work.

Two months after becoming independent, Bob spends 30 hours a week on plumbing and business trips, and 15 hours a week on quoting, billing, and general administration.

With a few more clients involved, in the third month Bob manages 40 hours of plumbing and 17 hours a week.

Even in the fourth month, Bob’s business continues to grow, taking on another plumber to “reduce” stress.

However, Bob insists that he will continue to manage everything, including billing, ordering materials, and quoting. This is more than 25 hours a week at this point, as we now need to schedule all work and staff work. Tools for hours a week.

Reach maximum capacity

In the fifth month, Bob is almost at his best, including a day-long dispute trial with a dissatisfied client, a Worksafe investigation, or a day’s illness on his staff. In the event of an incident, the card will tip over.

This symptom is common in debtor business ledgers. When the owner’s operator does the work and does all the admins, the expired account is often at the end of the long list of tasks.

I’ve seen a trading company run by the owner’s operator canceling thousands of dollars overdue accounts a year simply because they don’t have time to track them, but they don’t want to give up control. , Or refused the contract with the administrator. Don’t expect admins to do as good a job as they do. My answer to this claim to them is, would you hire a painter to repair your car? Do you hire a veterinarian to paint your home?

This sounds ridiculous, but if you specialize in tasks (such as management) and do it long enough, you’re more than an “expert in another subject” who is overkill and stressed. Should also be good. Its activities with the other 10 people.

I interviewed multiple owners of a small clearing trade business, and the most common acceptance of the mistakes they made was “I tried to do everything myself.”

The first thing they do when starting a new business is to hire someone to do a job they are not an expert on.

Like some New Zealand city councils, SMEs often wait for growth to become unacceptable before working on infrastructure.

There are business growth professionals and outsourced management businesses that specialize in relieving stress in this area from business owners, you just need to ask.

Myself Research company Six years ago, we invited a managerial expert to transform our business into an industry-leading, profitable entity that is fun to work with, rather than a painful and stressful mess.

A little idea.

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Loosen the bridle or risk losing your horse

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