Liam Payne reveals a “nice” Harry Styles catch-up and our hearts are melting

Liam Payne confesses his friendship with Harry Styles (Photo: Getty)

Liam Payne Revealed Harry Styles He recently called him-because he has a “sixth sense” about when One direction The stars are “struggling”.

And we live for their friendship.

Strip That Down’s singer participated in a live stream Q & A with fans, where he was asked about when he last talked to his previous bandmates.

“Yes, I talked to Harry, [it was] It’s really nice, “replied the 27-year-old man. He called me because I had a sixth sense when I was suffering or one of us was in trouble.

“I talked to him and it was really a really nice catchup. He’s great, he’s really, really great.

Liam didn’t spill any more tea about what they said, but explained that the X Factor stars felt they lacked “a part of themselves.”

Liam wants to bring his One Direction bandmates together in the same room (Photo: Getty).

“In this position, it’s sometimes difficult to see from a distance the stories of people we used to know well,” he continued.

If you feel that you are missing a part of yourself at that point, it can be difficult. I think I and the boys, we all have felt this at different times.

“It’s like losing a very important friend all the time, but everyone is so busy that we need to understand it all.

“I want you to put it in the room someday, I think that’s the best.

Will the long-awaited reunion be realized? (Photo: Getty)

“We all talked about it outside, but we didn’t say it to each other. There’s a song somewhere, so someone write it down.”

To be honest, you can listen to those lyrics in the new One Direction song …

Nile recently formed ties with Liam, Harry and Louis Tomlinson during the Jonathan Ross Show appearance. Reveal that they are all still talking “always”..

He also steadily crushed rumors about the possibility of a 1D reunion, adding: No one really speaks. I still talk to them a lot.

There are several small babies from young people. Everyone has their own success. I enjoy what I do.

“Of course, if everyone wants to do that, I would hate it … everyone needs to be in the same room and chat, but I don’t know when …

“It will always be difficult to have the same opinion. I don’t want to do it unless everyone is fully involved.

“I don’t want to force anyone to do it halfway.”

Which is fair …

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Liam Payne reveals a "nice" Harry Styles catch-up and our hearts are melting

Source link Liam Payne reveals a "nice" Harry Styles catch-up and our hearts are melting

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