Liam Gallagher heads to London after tweeting about the Knights’ Snab

Liam Gallagher dispelled the disappointment of not being a knight by taking a walk with his girlfriend Debbie Gwither (Photo: Backgrid).

Liam Gallagher and his girlfriend Debbie Gwither embarked on a refreshing journey. New Year’s Eve walks as he shared his disappointment that Locker wasn’t on the New Year’s honor list.

Singer Craig David, Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio, and actress Sheila Hancock are among the entertainment figures recognized in 2021.

Oasis stars may have expected themselves to join the lineup, as they tweeted:

Still, he now has everything in 2021 and is definitely on that list. Will fixing things with his brother Noel surely make him cross the line?

To dispel the sadness of not being Sir Liam Gallagher, musicians and Debbie flew to northern London on Thursday to perform some errands.

Liam seemed fine despite his previous message, and the couple both stuck to government guidelines while in public.

Both couples wore black face masks when they went down High Street.

Liam Gallagher and girlfriend Debbie Gwither are walking together in northern London

Liam shrugged his disappointment by performing errands with Debbie (Photo: Backgrid)
The locker wearing a face mask is warmly wrapped in a bright yellow scarf (photo: back grid).

On a cold day, Liam wore a bright yellow scarf and a long hooded blue shore to warmly wrap him up. Meanwhile, Debbie chose a chic brown coat, black scarf and gloves.

The singer had a cardboard box firmly under his arm when he hit the store.

As his single All You’re Dreaming Of, Liam isn’t the only downer he’s had recently Missed Christmas Number One – That honor was given to YouTube star Lad Baby and their single Don’t Stop Me Eatin’.

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Liam Gallagher heads to London after tweeting about the Knights' Snab

Source link Liam Gallagher heads to London after tweeting about the Knights' Snab

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