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“As a company, we plan to introduce 10 more electric models by 2025, based on the concept of providing affordable mobility in the right place at the right time.”

Andrew Davis, Lexus National General Manager, described the car as “a representation of today’s Lexus brand with a focus on contemporary design, imaginative technology and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

“Lexus has always pursued both performance and sustainability. Through Lexus electric badges, we use technology to create a sustainable future while embracing the fun and joy that our cars offer our customers. I will continue to do it. “

Of course, this car is visually very similar to the cheaper UX200 petrol. Variations on the UX250h hybrid electricity have been on sale here since early 2019.

This edition runs a 54kWh lithium-ion battery under the cabin floor. Lexus claims a range of up to 400km, which is based on NEDC tests and is considered less accurate than the government’s preferred recent WLTP regime and will be established as a barometer from January 1st. It’s a schedule. 315km.

The drivetrain provides a maximum output of 150kW and a torque of 300Nm, suggesting that a 50-minute DC fast charge replenishment will bring the depleted battery back to 75% capacity.

This car features several driving modes, along with paddles that change the strength of the regenerative brakes so that you can better manage the performance of your motors.

Lexus says the drivetrain was developed with the goal of providing on-road performance and a quiet and sophisticated driving experience. Additional braces have been added to the regular UX hybrid and the dampers have been redesigned to maintain optimal weight distribution.

The model selected for New Zealand is limited edition.

Although this is the first Lexus electric vehicle, the branded petrol and electric hybrid model is a popular customer choice, with 4378 sold by distributors since it first arrived in 2006.

Lexus Hybrid Electric sales increased 188% year-to-date as a result of 2018. This year, 69% of New Zealand’s Lexus customers chose the hybrid electric model.

The price of the UX 300e includes Lexus’ 4-year unlimited kilometers warranty, service plan and roadside assistance package.

Cars will be in circulation from late November, but the first unit will be

Lexus Full Electric in EV Grant Zone — Motoringnz

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