Lethal Weapon actor Anthony’AJ’ Johnson dies at age 55

Anthony Johnson (right) died at the age of 55

According to media reports, actor Anthony Johnson (also known as AJ Johnson) died at the age of 55.

Stars are best known for their house parties and Friday roles, and social media has been praised by friends and fans.

Johnson’s death was reported on Monday TMZ report His nephew says he was “found dead in the store” in Los Angeles earlier in the month.

The actor was taken to the hospital and sentenced to death, although the cause of death was unknown.

Johnson became famous for his role in house party EZE in 1990, and has since appeared on several other projects such as Lethal Weapon 3, Moesha, and Jamie Foxx.

In addition to acting, Johnson performed throughout Los Angeles and was a successful stand-up comedy.

He was also well known for playing Ezal on the 1995 comedy Friday and was rumored to replay his role next Friday.

After the news was reported, the tribute flooded social media, with comedian Rickey Smiley sharing a photo tribute to the star in his first message.

Compliments poured for the stars

Producer Swiff D added:’RIP AJ Johnson (Ezell). Take over one of the weirdest people ever. “

ESPN’s Marcus Spears wrote: #AJ Johnson “I’m taking Sh! + Here in the smoky back” Thanks for the laughter and the talent femme! You will always be “EZAL”. “

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Lethal Weapon actor Anthony'AJ' Johnson dies at age 55

Source link Lethal Weapon actor Anthony'AJ' Johnson dies at age 55

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