Lenovo Global Employee Kickoff: Evolution of Company Meetings?

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When I first started technology, I was working at ROLM Systems. Employee events were almost weekly. We got together on Friday afternoon for beer, light meals and the latest updates. All-participation meetings were less frequent and required business trips. They weren’t that much fun, but they were just as important to understanding top-level strategies and my role in them. (I’m often infected with the virus and many people and finger foods are dangerous, but I wasn’t a fan of these because they recover every other week.)

However, at large events, employees, especially salespeople, are often motivated and motivated. It also helps you create important connections that you often need to complete tasks and progress as an employee. During the pandemic, I was wondering how companies were dealing with these, so I was invited and excited. Lenovo full-scale meeting in fact. Given the limits of technology, it worked.

This is what worked, what didn’t, and foresee the future of this type of corporate event.

Elements of a successful company meeting

Lenovo’s management ran into all the elements I usually expect in one of these company-wide sessions. The CEO and various department heads talked about Lenovo’s market share, leadership, and profits. At least in that segment, it advertised Lenovo as the most successful multinational company. He also shared the unique nature of Lenovo with leaders from different regions and backgrounds.

Employees were called in who were prominent as leaders or who were thinking out of the box to make the necessary changes. This awareness of successful rule breakers is important when you want your employees to take the risks necessary for the company to move forward. Otherwise, the current situation can discourage risk-taking and force people to leave the company.

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Lenovo Global Employee Kickoff: Evolution of Company Meetings?

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