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Kratom is popularly known for its herbal effects and remedies. This South Asian plant is gaining immense popularity across the world. What was traditionally used by the community as recreational medicine is now making way to every American state. Like any herbal medicine, it has a lot of myths and misconceptions. People are aversive to it and believe it is a drug. Apart from aiding in this myth-busting process, the scope of this article is to make you aware of the new developments in the kratom industry.

Mitragyna speciosa or kratom leaves with medicinal products in capsules and powder in white ceramic bowl and wooden table Mitragyna speciosa or kratom leaves with medicinal products in capsules and powder in white ceramic bowl and wooden table, top view Kratom Stock Photo

A recent trend in the manufacturers’ lens is accomodating bulk purchases. Bulk kratom powder is cheaper for the customer but also saves many costs for vendors as well. As we debunk kratom myths and misunderstandings, we will delve into the basics. These are for beginners who are getting a sense of the industry as a whole.

Kratom: Conception and Causes

Traditionally, Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa originated in South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It was a part of the everyday affairs of manual laborers who used it to enhance their mood and get a dose of energy. Their attempts to turn to it were to equip them to tackle a large amount of work thrust upon them. Kratom’s use was unjudged, different from many communities in the West now. But it was of immense value to the locals. How much the roots of kratom use by local laborers lie in colonialism or classism is a question we must surely ask! We know this as Kratom found its place in their rituals as well. Its potential lies in the fact that it can reduce fatigue and enhance productivity.

People have and do consume it in various forms. They chop dried and fresh leaves of kratom trees and chew them directly or make tea with them. The Mithraic cults even believed it to be a source of spiritual transcendence.

Developments in the Kratom Industry

With herbal medicines, the possibilities of growth and expansiveness are endless. One can always see a boom in sales across the world. New technologies and strains will give rise to new products and offerings.

The growth of the Kratom industry is exponential, regardless of the timely drawbacks posed by legalities. Below, we list for you the recent developments in the industry! This list is not expansive- if anything, it is the beginning of delving into the Kratom world.

Kratom’s side effects due to overdose are many, but users that have maintained dosage restrictions have seemed to gain from it. We believe our readers are responsible and can make a choice for themselves! We recommend approaching it with openness and caution.

Shift to bulk purchases

One of the biggest revelations in the minds of Kratom enthusiasts is the beauty of a bulk kratom purchase. With a bulk purchase of kratom strains, customers gain a lot of benefits. As they surf for great discounts, bulk kratom purchases often offer the best options. This feature is because the vendor and site also gain from bulk sales.

These sales allow the vendors to cut down on packaging costs and keep transportation and shipping costs at a minimum. By doing so, they also gain trustworthy return customers. In cases of bulk purchase, vendors are aware that the customer is a kratom enthusiast. This awareness means that they keep their marketing charges for the sale to a minimum with a bulk purchase. With any bulk purchase, the vendor and customer arrive at a win-win situation. Additionally, it is beneficial for the environment at the same time.

Recent refutation to the FDA ban

Scientists and specialists are together in discussing the U.S. Food, and Drug Association’s (FDA) attempts to ban Kratom. As we have seen in the past, Kratom bans have been unsuccessful in many states.

This pain alleviation alternative and mild stimulant have won the hearts of many people that turn to it regularly. Removing it, say, specialists, will only regulate illegal use. Such a shift may even encourage more people to use and try out this natural herb. Although people tend to overdose, leaving the choice to adults might perhaps be the wisest option.

An article in Stat News unravels this dynamic. It explores how people may lose the trust of the agency if it continues with the ban. As always, the hope is to push for a favorable option for the people. They may arrive at it with respect and regulation over a complete ban.

Kratom decriminalized in Thailand

Back to where its roots lay, Kratom does manage to persist in the local community. On May 26, 2021, the Government Gazette rolled out fresh and green news to the residents in Thailand. The list removes it from a long list of controlled substances. Such a turn, we believe, is significant for locals. It is a means to uphold their tradition while allowing people the choice to return to it.

Korth Cottage Leaves (Kratom flowers) growing in nature are addictive and medical. Korth Cottage Leaves (Kratom flowers) growing in nature are addictive and medical. Kratom Stock Photo


The new regulations are an uplifting turn as it allows people to grow and cultivate the plant. This delisting also discourages the legal authorities from criminalizing people or giving them harsh punishments because of it. The delisting also approves the use, sale of Kratom. It allows particular licensing requirements for cultivating, selling, exporting, and importing it for Industrial purposes. Perhaps, the West can learn from this shift. They may gain some inspiration as the debate is an existing one in the U.S. as well.


With any natural herb, our lack of information about the effects should not get the better of us. There are addictive possibilities in this natural stimulant for sure. But, any excess of any object is always a cause of concern.

We must approach the kratom industry beyond our own biases. We ought to understand this plant for the pain and anxiety alleviation, the energy boost that it provides its users. In it, people have found the motivation to create, work, and fully explore their lives. We recommend finding the answer to an energy boost in what keeps you going. If that is in this natural plant, then so be it.

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