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Te Wiki o TeReo Māori, Māori Language Week aims to expand the role of tereo in Aotearoa. And the three Tewanganui Atararangatahi amplify the story of their ancestors after winning the national tournament not only with Teleo, but also with tourism that shares the history of the region.

Students Rakairoa Campbell, Waimarama Tapiata-Bright and Rauru-ki-tahi Fitzgerald all use te reo as their mother tongue and will start their Taraika tour in the Sorted in Schools contest run by Earn $ 2,500 for. .. As a result, in the third year, 12 Langatahi officially launched a walking tour business in partnership with the Te Papa Museum, which hosted the photo exhibition.

Called Kupe Site – A Great Voyager Landmark, The launch exhibition featured photographs with stories and detailed explanations of where Maori great navigator and explorer Coupe traveled around Aotearoa. The Student Tour Business takes visitors on foot to these sites around Tewanganui Atara Wellington. Here, Langatahi shares the oral history of Kuptu Kuiho / Maori.

Rauru-ki-tahi Fitzgerald said: “We are the last students of this school who really know the history of Maori in this area, so we would like to share it with others before graduating from school. Otherwise, we will not be in this area. I believe that Maori history and stories will gradually disappear.

“My main goal is to leave this to our young children and hope they do the same when they grow up.”

Lakai Roa Campbell, Waimarama Tapia Tablite, Raul Kitahi Fitzgerald from Taraika Tours.

Kaiako / Teacher Renee Campbell said: “They are bilingual, but te reo Maori is their primary language. Students have received great feedback from communities and businesses interested in walking tours. Many know more about local history. I want. It was a great way to learn what they need to run a business. ”

Here are some ideas for Te Wiki oTeReoMāori and MāoriLanguageWeek:

Leading by witty Langatahi-TeWikioTeReoMāori2021-SchoolNews

Source link Leading by witty Langatahi-TeWikioTeReoMāori2021-SchoolNews

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