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IN its reiterated intention to have the groundbreaking electric Solterra on sale next year, with April as the target month, Subaru has also provided a preview of what’s to come – shipping it in a car for appraisal.

The left-hand drive example shown to the media today is a fleeting visitor. Subaru from New Zealand is due to return it to Japan later this year.

By then, however, the local arm here will have a right-hand drive evaluation car that can be driven, including by customers.

CEO Wallis Dumper (above) has confirmed that local sales efforts will now focus on the four-wheel drive edition with a claimed range of 460 kilometers. Price has yet to be determined.

“Preparations for Solterra are in full swing. We’ll have a right-hand drive evaluation model here later this year, which we’ll be demonstrating to potential customers looking to explore “Subaru Country” while treading a little lighter.

“We are excited to add an electric vehicle to our Subaru range and are happy to stick to our core values ​​by delivering an all-wheel drive EV.

“There is nothing more reassuring than the confidence and safety that AWD provides when driving the last miles to the bach on a dirt road, or simply crossing a slippery, rainy intersection when the traffic lights change.”

Dumper also outlined Subaru Corporation’s future commitments to electrify all Subaru vehicles (EVs and hybrids) sold worldwide by 2030.

By 2050, the brand aims to reduce average C02 emissions by at least 90 percent, compared to where it stood in 2010.

Launch ambition for Solterra in April — Motoringnz

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