“Lab-on-a-Chip” blood test can detect breast cancer early

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020 (HealthDay News)-State-of-the-art “Lab-on-A-Chip” Shows Promising for Early Breast Detection cancer Tumors that develop in other parts of the body.

EV-CLUE is about the same size as a glass microscope slide and uses nanotechnology to pump a small amount of blood into eight microchannels equipped to detect various markers. cancerLiang Xu, a collaborator who is a professor of molecular biology science at the University of Kansas, explained.

How small is it? EV-CLUE requires about 2 microliters of blood to perform the scan, Xu said. A typical blood droplet contains 50 microliters.

Xu and his colleagues tested the lab-on-a-chip by equipping one of the channels and looking for the enzyme MMP14 released from the tumor. cancer Progress. Enzymes attack healthy cells, cancer..

In early tests focused on MMP14, the device detected early stages or metastasis. breast cancer The first group of 30 people is 97% accurate and the second group of 70 people is 93% accurate.

“This sensitive technology can catch early signs. cancer Metastasis.Early detection cancer Metastasis is the key to reducing female mortality breast cancer“Xu said.

The chances of long-term survival are high for the woman breast cancer Researchers said it was discovered early.5-year survival rate for localized women breast cancer Is 99%, cancer Spread to Lymph node 27% if the tumor appears in a remote part of the body.

The problem is once breast cancer Cancer cells can move out of their original location and hide undetected elsewhere in the body, Xu said. This technique has the potential to eradicate those hidden tumors.

This new technology is one of many efforts to develop a “liquid biopsy” that uses blood tests to detect cancer, said Dr. Bill Kans, Chief Medical Science Officer of the American Cancer Society. Stated.

Tumors release various types of chemicals and substances into the bloodstream. These obvious signs may help detect cancer that has not yet progressed.

“This is a testament to the principle that it has potential,” Cance said of the first results of EV-CLUE. “But like any new technology, it will take a lot of patients to validate it.”

Such liquid biopsies could one day replace mammograms. breast cancer, Cance said, if rigorous testing proved to be accurate.

“They need to be as 100% accurate as you can get,” Cance said. “But if a patient can get a blood test that can detect if you have cancer and at what stage, it will be such a useful screening tool.”

Doctors armed with such blood tests can use the mammogram only after the cancer has been detected to see the results of the test and find its location. tumorSaid Kans.

The EV-CLUE chip is created using a 3D printer in a process that can be widely and affordably distributed, Xu said. He said that using a tip is ” Mammogram.. “

Chips are also not limited to detecting breast cancer.Researchers have just begun early trials to see if EV-CLUE can be detected. lung cancer Similarly, Xu said.

“This isn’t limited to breast cancer,” Xu said. “MMP14 is present in many other types of cancer.”

The initial results of EV-CLUE were published in the journal on June 10th. Scientific translation medicine..

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Source: Liang Xu, Ph.D. , Professor of Molecular Biological Sciences, University of Kansas. Dr. William Kans, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of the American Cancer Society. Scientific translation medicine, June 10, 2020

“Lab-on-a-Chip” blood test can detect breast cancer early

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