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Kori talks about WTC and Indian performance

Southampton [UK]June 24 (ANI): Indian skipper Virat Kohli said he was not in favor of determining the best test team based on a single match, saying the World Test Championship final was “best three” I added that it should be. ‘Contest.

Kori’s comment came when India suffered an eight-wicket defeat against New Zealand in the final of the World Test Championship (WTC) held here in Asias Bowl on Wednesday.

“Well, first of all, I’m very honestly disagreeing with determining the best test side in the world in the course of one game. If it’s a test series, it’s a character. Must be a test of 3 or more tests, which team can return to the series or completely blow away the other teams. Pressure with a good cricket for 2 days is not enough So suddenly you’re not on the good test side. I don’t believe it, “said Kori, answering ANI’s question at a virtual press conference.

“It’s a hard grind and I think we definitely need to work on it in the future. At the end of the three games there is effort, ups and downs, and things change over the course of the series. Wrong in the first game. As we said, the chance to fix that and actually see who is on the good side in the course of the three-game series is a good measure of what things are really going on. And since we understand as a tester what we’ve done in the last 3-4 years, not just the last 18 months, we don’t have to worry too much about this result. It’s not a measure of who we are as a team, and the capabilities and possibilities we’ve had over the years, “he added.

Further discussing the ideal WTC final, Kori said: Two more tests of the same team will fight and eventually become the winner of the World Test Championship. I think all the great series I’ve seen in test cricket have historically been remembered over a period of three or five games. However, the two teams are at odds with each other and their series will be memorable. “I think this definitely needs to be brought in. We’re not the winners, so I’m not saying this, just for the test cricket and this because Saga is absolutely memorable. I think it should happen over a period of at least 3 games, which allows me to remember the series. I’m doing so much. “

Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor scored 52 and 47 undefeated knockoffs, respectively, as New Zealand defeated India with eight wickets to conclude the first edition of the WTC.

With all of Reserve Day, New Zealand edged India in the final. The final declined in the first inning. Kiwi made full use of the slender 32 run lead, and Williamson’s side bundled India cheaply in the second inning to reach the goal of only 139. The batter did not forgive after all, and the side left comfortably. victory.

“Yeah, look, it’s very consistent. Again, they’re a very effective aspect. We’ve seen it for years. They’re very structured. It’s an aspect and I like to play cricket in a particular way. As I said, if you don’t put pressure on the bowler, they bowl long spells and continue bowling all day in the same area, It has the fitness and consistency to bother you and give them more momentum, and they always get the breakthroughs they want, “said Kori.

“As I said, the idea for the future is to try to score the run without worrying about getting out of the test conditions. It’s the only way to score and put pressure on your opponent. You’re not optimistic, you can’t get out, and you can’t get out in the end. You need to take more risk and calculated risk and tackle with confidence against a quality bowling attack like New Zealand. I think there is. “Added. (ANI)

Kori talks about WTC and Indian performance

SourceKori talks about WTC and Indian performance

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