Kiwi musicians run to support workers affected by cancellations of performances

Sir Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn, Hollie Smith are some of the Kiwi musicians who will join the fundraising tour RoadyForRoadies tomorrow, to raise money for live music diving teams that have been hit hard by cancellations and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The musicians, along with a number of other people, will walk the 16 km from Coast to Coast, from Onehunga to the center of Auckland.

RoadyForRoadies NZ has raised more than $ 20,000 for live music dive teams in 2018 and the organizers hope to see an even bigger turnout this year.

“Look, it’s been a bloody tough year for the people in our industry,” says music promoter and former The Angels drummer Brent Eccles.

“I’ve spent my entire career on roadies as a musician and promoter, so it feels great to do something to help them.”

Eccles came up with the idea for RoadyForRoadies back in 2018 with Morgan Donoghue, during one of their regular walks through Cornwall Park. The event has since grown to include locations in Christchurch and Dunedin and it has even replicated in Australia. Eccles says the ethos remains the same: “it’s all for a good cause”.

The money will hopefully go a long way in helping road staff maintain their credentials. “You need updated credentials to drive a forklift or an articulated truck, or to climb a roof … all of this requires money and constant updating,” says Eccles.

“The roadies are at the bottom of the food chain on the production side. We can not do without them. They are often self-employed, part-timers, but we can not do without them,” he adds.

Anyone who wants to join RoadyForRoadies can choose to take part in the full 16km walk or do a shorter 5km version if the full 16km feels too difficult.

Tickets are still for sale to join the walk.

The walk ends at The Tuning Fork in Spark Arena, where entertainment and refreshments are provided.

For those who can not participate in the walk, a Give a small page is also set up, taking donations to help road crews who may be going through difficult times.

“It has not been an easy year, to be honest,” says Brooke Paterson, a roadie who has worked in the industry for six years and on shows including Elton John, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins and Foo Fighters.

“The lack of performances has meant that we are having a hard time – not only with money, but also mentally and emotionally. There are currently hardly any opportunities to pick up crew work. That is quite difficult to handle.”

“The dedication and hard work of road crews is simply legendary,” said four-time New Zealand Music Awards winner Hollie Smith, who will be attending the event tomorrow.

“We would never be able to put the shows we do without the people behind the scenes, so being part of this fundraiser is the least we as artists can do to give back.”

Kiwi musicians run to support workers affected by cancellations of performances

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