Khloe Kardashian says “all rights” have deleted unedited photos

Khloe Kardashian states that “standards” have been set by the general public in support of attempts to remove unedited photos from the Internet (Photo: Getty).

Khloe Kardashian was stripped to defend her attempt Delete your unedited bikini photo After spreading by word of mouth on social media and websites, from the Internet Reddit..

A TV star posing for a topless video has opened up about the “impossible standards” set for her as one of Terry’s most famous family members.

Chloe, who attended Instagram Live on Wednesday night, took off the jumper, put down his baggy trousers, and photographed himself to “show that this isn’t all Photoshop.”

In a strong statement, the 36-year-old said she “suffers from the body image of my entire life” and therefore has “all rights” to try to delete the photo.

She revealed that “I was conditioned to feel that I wasn’t beautiful enough to be myself.”

Her message was supported by her sister Kim, who wrote in the comments: “I love your Chloe.”

Chloe went to Instagram Live to show her body to fans (Photo: Instagram)

Chloe said:’The photos posted this week are beautiful. But as someone suffering from body image, when someone takes a picture of you, it’s not flattering with bad lighting, or your body like after working hard to reach this point I don’t capture-and share it with the world-you should have all the rights to demand that it not be shared, no matter who it is.

“In fact, the pressure, constant ridicule, and judgment that my entire life was perfect and met other criteria of what I should look like was intolerable.

Chloe addressed her attempt to remove her unedited photos from the internet (Photo: Instagram).
The Kardashian riot star took off her jumper in a video (Photo: Instagram)

“Chloe is a fat sister.” “Chloe is an ugly sister.” “She looks so different that her dad shouldn’t be her real dad.” “The only way she could lose that weight It must have been due to surgery. “Should I continue?

“Oh, but she grew up in a privileged life, so who cares about her feelings. She also appeared on reality shows, so I signed up for all of this. Of course, sympathy is sought. I haven’t, but I would like you to admit that you are a human being.

“I’m not perfect, but I promise to try to live my life with empathy and kindness as honestly as possible every day. It doesn’t mean I’m not making mistakes, but I lie. It’s almost intolerable for the public to try to adhere to the impossible standards set for me. “

A 36-year-old woman posted topless in the bathroom mirror (Photo: Instagram)
Chloe said, “I’m conditioned to feel that I’m not beautiful enough to be myself” (Photo: Instagram).

“For more than a decade, photography has micro-analyzed and teased every detail of every flaw and every detail. I remind them every day of the world, and I’m motivated by that criticism. I was told I couldn’t do it through hard work when using it to keep my life at its best and help others in the same struggle, and I must have paid for it all ..

“I love good filters, good lighting, and editing here and there. It’s the same as I put on makeup, nails, and put on my heels to show the world the way I want to see. So that’s exactly what I keep doing rudely.

“It’s my choice how to see my body, my image, and what I want to share. Everyone decides and decides what is acceptable or no longer acceptable. I can not do it.

For others who are feeling the constant pressure of not feeling perfect, I want you to meet and know what I understand.

“Every day, my family and friends who love me say I’m beautiful, but I know it needs to be believed from the inside. We’re all unique in our own way. Perfect. Choose which way you want to see it.

“We realized that we couldn’t keep our lives alive, trying to fit the perfect mold of what others had set for us. Just do you and your heart. Make sure you are happy. “

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Khloe Kardashian says "all rights" have deleted unedited photos

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