Ken Block feels the topic of Audi EV racing

Germany has signed up for Hoonigan for its role in motorsport development.

Could Audi’s wild electric rally raid car just tested in Morocco be the future vehicle for the world-famous skid master?

Ken Block, an American who is potentially well-known for his “Hoonigan” stunt driving escape, familiar with the business behind the sports shoes and energy drink empire, is the New Zealand Championship with past national champion Sam. From his first international escape at, he has a solid background in the rally from Murray in 2007 to, simply put, becoming a Ford’s Works driver at the World Rally Championship.

It is his talent that he is currently contracting with Audi to help develop the next generation of high-performance cars.

Ingolstadt states that Brock’s natural talent and “inspiring ability” will be useful in programs and partnerships where the exact nature is not explained in detail.

However, while he is involved in vehicle testing, there is widespread speculation that he represents the German brand in a promotional position.

Returning to motorsport is not excluded. If that happens, the manufacturer’s latest project seating time, the electrified RS QE-Tron off-road vehicle looks like a natural advance.


Brock has shown a keen interest in cars that have just completed a two-week full-out test run in Morocco in preparation for their debut event, the 2022 Dakar Rally in January.

In a comment provided to Audi, Brock says he is convinced that the mobility of electricity is the future.

“We believe that electric vehicles are a leap forward for us as a society to not only reduce emissions, but also create something that can make the planet a better place. But that’s not all. Performance is also important.

“I like anything that makes me go faster. Electric cars can do that. And when it comes to sound, I have kids who don’t care about it. They are electric. I think the sound of a car is as cool as the sound of an internal combustion engine.

“Audi is a brand that has ignited my passion for motorsport. We are very excited to start this new chapter. Together, we have developed an innovative project and the limits of electrical mobility. Spread out. “

Meanwhile, Audi says the RS Q e-tron test was under the most extreme conditions.


As a follow-up to the tests in Germany and Spain, the run was the first long-term exposure of the car to deserts, dunes and extreme heat.

Again, all three driver crews identified in Dakar were involved. Dakar record winners Stephane Peterhansel, Carlos Sainz and Mattias Ekström took turns manipulating a very complex prototype. The respective co-drivers Edouard Boulanger, Lucas Cruz and Emil Bergkvist were together.

Andreas Ruth, who is in charge of the Audi Sport factory motorsport project, said that pairing in the car can fine-tune accommodation.

“In the tests in Morocco, we made changes to allow drivers and co-drivers to have more space in the tight cockpit and improve communication with each other. The feedback was positive.”

Some of the conditions the test team encountered in Morocco were extreme.

“The thermometer sometimes rose well above 40 degrees Celsius,” said Svenkwand, team principal of Q Motorsport.

“Sandstorms also hindered the test. In addition, as expected, some new problems occurred at high temperatures, which caused repeated test interruptions that had to be resolved before the next test.”

“We expect the temperature to be much lower in the Dakar Rally,” says Ruth. “Nevertheless, we deliberately went to Morocco and tested our concept under the most extreme conditions.


“Components such as the MGU were basically not developed for use at such high ambient temperatures, but drivetrains and other components are also pushed by heat to or beyond their limits. It was done.

“The insights we gained in Morocco are invaluable, but they also show that we still have a lot to do before the Dakar Rally and we don’t have much time left.”

High-voltage batteries specially developed for the Dakar Rally are also a hot topic.

“It’s all about optimal temperature control and maximum battery performance,” says Roos. “”

This is what we are learning on every test. And that’s why we go to the desert with electric drivetrains. We have an incredible amount of experience sharing with our colleagues from the development of road cars. “



Ken Block feels the topic of Audi EV racing

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