Kehlani seems to be appearing as a “lesbian” on Instagram Live

Kehlani seems to have come out as a lesbian (Photo: Getty Images)

Kehlani surprised her social media followers this week after appearing to have emerged as a lesbian.

The 25-year-old singer published the news on Instagram Live with photographer Jamie-Lee B. Easter..

In a casual and short moment, Kehlani asked her followers: “Do you want to know what’s new about me?”

She then announced: “I finally know I’m a lesbian.”

Jamie Lee then laughed: “Bomb Drop”.

Kehlani hasn’t mentioned revelation since then, but in a recent interview she opened up about her sexuality.

Talking to The Advocate, the singer said her “straight pass” persona gave her “many privileges.”

She explained: I don’t think many of the artists we talk to and say, “Oh, they had to go out, or they had to do this,” can’t hide it.Much of it is very [much] How they present. It’s harder for them. It’s difficult for transgender artists.

“It’s hard for black gay men. It’s tough for black masculine gay women.”

Kehlani went on to say that because of the way she expresses herself, people are unlikely to see her and think she is strange or “in a woman.”

“It was all a privilege and really at the forefront, but their presentation and prejudice and the phobia of the American people and the world … I was lucky and very lucky,” she explained.

The gangster singer admitted that she had “living their true f ***** g-force” and “beautiful black trans women” in her life.

In 2018, Kehlani revealed that she was pansexual and said she had “never been identified as a lesbian.”

“My first mixtape contained songs about men and songs about women,” she told Nylon.

“My first album had songs about non-binary yuan, intersex yuan, and male / female yuan. It’s not the focus, so it’s always important to identify the synonyms of music. I’m not looking at it. I think it was the honey of my song and some of the features I left behind that led everyone in the direction of classifying my sexuality (still really narrow).

Kehlani is the mother of her two-year-old daughter Adena, who shares her with former boyfriend and guitarist Javier Young White.

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Kehlani seems to be appearing as a "lesbian" on Instagram Live

Source link Kehlani seems to be appearing as a "lesbian" on Instagram Live

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