Katie Price considers a fifth caesarean section for Karl Woods’ sixth child

Katie Price and Karl Woods are exploring options to bring their kids together (Photo: Rex)

Katie Price She revealed that she was considering a fifth Caesarean section to have a child with her fiancé Karl Woods.

Couples who were open to trying to get pregnant are considering options for having their children together, including using a surrogate mother.

Katie, 43, already has five children. But I want to spread her chicks with another baby with Karl, 32.

During her appearance at Studio 10 in Australia on Friday, she revealed: [to have more kids] When they get old and leave home, you know I’m growing up very much.

“But I’ve done four Caesarean sections, so I recommend only three. I’ve met a gynecologist, and they said I could have another. Otherwise, I will give birth on behalf of you. ”

Katie admitted:’I’m not done yet, I definitely want more babies. As you grow older, I may look younger and behave younger, but whether we like it or not, our bodies are older.

Katie already has five children (Photo: Katie Price / Instagram)

“So the next baby I have will have to do IVF, I already know that. That’s another journey I’ll talk about.”

The couple are then open about their struggle to get pregnant naturally Take some “baby-making holidays” Try to get pregnant together.

Katie is already 19-year-old Harvey and soccer player Dwight Yorke, 15-year-old Junior, 13-year-old Princess, 7-year-old ex-husband Peter Andre and Jet, 6-year-old Bunny and ex-husband Keeran Haler and mother. ..

She said earlier Sun, Revealed that she and Karl were investigating in vitro fertilization:’We will call the baby a miracle. I’m doing this for my mother. She told me to do IVF so that we could see our children. If she can’t, it breaks my heart. “

The previous glamor model added:’Unfortunately, that didn’t happen naturally. I didn’t have to plan until now, so I thought it was easy. It’s just happened all the time. “

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Katie Price considers a fifth caesarean section for Karl Woods' sixth child

Source link Katie Price considers a fifth caesarean section for Karl Woods' sixth child

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