Kathy Hilton reveals why she abandoned her dress to wear a tablecloth at dinner

Kathy’s tablecloth outfit certainly turned her head (Photo: Getty / HEDO / Backgrid)

Kathy Hilton was filmed last week leaving the restaurant wearing only a tablecloth after taking off her dress in the middle of the night.

After the appearance of her image leaving Los Angeles’ finest restaurant Craig’s, she was covered in a white tablecloth while the assistant was carrying the dress that arrived, and theory about why began to emerge.

Perhaps someone spilled something on Kathy? Maybe her zipper was broken while in the restaurant?

Thankfully, Kathy, 62, the mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton, revealed why she decided to rent a tablecloth to make clothes.

Beverly Hills’ Real House Wives Star took him to Instagram to answer speculation and tell his followers:

She revealed that she was hosting a charity auction with her daughters Nicky and Paris Hilton to raise money for a children’s hospital in Los Angeles on a “very hot” day.

Kathy explained that she was “roasting and roasting” in a woolen dress with a silk lining, adding: We were busy selling, selling, selling, and making money, so we had wine or something to eat. The auction was a great success. “

Kathy used to wear a wool dress with a silk lining (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / GettyImages)
She later went home with a toga made from tablecloths (Photo: HEDO / back grid)

After the auction was over, Kathy went to dinner with her best friend Vera. She was so hot there that she eventually changed it.

She explained:’She [Vera] She brought this tablecloth because she brought it — you see, here’s the makeup … and she made it like a salon, like from Southern France.

The tablecloth became a pretty compelling gown, but fans soon noticed the change in costume when the paparazzi filmed her on the way out of Craig.

Kathy joked:’What can I say to you? There were no fans. Everyone was wondering what had happened, so I just wanted to let everyone know. ”

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Kathy Hilton reveals why she abandoned her dress to wear a tablecloth at dinner

Source link Kathy Hilton reveals why she abandoned her dress to wear a tablecloth at dinner

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