Katherine Ryan fights back when fans claim she “covered her daughter’s black eyes”

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Katherine Ryan Her daughter, Violet, sent a ferocious message to some of her followers who claimed to have masked “black eyes” as part of her family’s Halloween outfit.

The comic shared a lovely Halloween family photo with her, Her husband Bobby Coutostra, Daughter Violet, and Baby son Frederick Dressed as an incredible.

Violet, 12, Who is Catherine’s daughter from a previous relationship, Creepy makeup around her eyes, trademark superhero masks, Catherine and Bobby.

However, while many fans are delighted with the cute snaps, others have decided to raise questions about what Violet’s eyes look like.

Catherine responded gracefully, stating in the Instagram story:

Some comment, “Does Violet have two black eyes?” And I said, “No, it’s makeup.” And now I have a DM because they weren’t happy with the answer, “What’s really wrong with Violet’s eyes?”

“This is why I don’t post pictures of my kids. If you really think Violet has black eyes, don’t DM me, f ** king Call the police! Any problem Is it Happy Halloween. “

She likes to keep her family life private, but Catherine sometimes opens up about her close ties with her daughter and describes her as “the love of my life.”

Catherine and Bobby rekindled their romance after becoming high school lovers (Photo: WireImage)

Violet became an older sister earlier this year as Catherine and Bobby, who rekindled romance and tied a knot in 2019, had their son Frederick after becoming a high school lover.

Opening about the brother’s sweet bond, she said Metro.co.uk:’I had a hard time when my daughter was born. I was 25 and didn’t know what was going on. I questioned many of my life options. I felt really lonely because I was really emotional and my family was so far away.

“And now I don’t know what this little boy is, he just eats and sleeps and he’s very nice because I’m old and basically live in a babysitter , Violet is 12 years old, so I think I’m more thankful.

“She loves him and he’s very small. I don’t think many 12 year olds are looking at newborns. They don’t see wild babies until they’re three months old. She loves him. “

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Katherine Ryan fights back when fans claim she "covered her daughter's black eyes"

Source link Katherine Ryan fights back when fans claim she "covered her daughter's black eyes"

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