Karl Woods reveals another giant portrait tattoo of Katie Price

Karl Woods reveals a huge tattoo he made on Katie’s face (Photo: Splash News)

Carl Woods showed off another huge tattoo Katie PriceFace when a couple was filmed together in Turkey this week.

The couple was traveling to Istanbul for 2 days Karl’s new ink was proudly exhibited for the first time for Katie to redo her hair extensions.

Karl, 32, was seen leaning against the table in front of Katie, 43, and as she looked at her hair clip, she saw artwork behind her forearm.

It’s not Katie’s first tattoo, as Karl had two other portraits of a glamor model before inking his skin.

Katie also has a portrait of Karl on her arm after the pair decides to do better than tattoo each other’s name.

Their trip to Turkey will come later Katie told her followers that Karl had nothing to do An ongoing police investigation following alleged assault on five mothers.

Katie was seen inspecting the artwork (Photo: Demi Lauren Visual Media / SplashNews.com)
The couple flew to Turkey for Katie to trim her hair (Photo: Demi Loren Visual Media / SplashNews.com)
Katie and Karl have tattoos on each other’s faces (Photo: Katie and Karl’s Adventure / YouTube)

Katie was taken to the hospital with a facial injury after an incident at her home last month.

Karl later called out to protect himself from the trolls The person who attacked him said in the video: And he says the most sneaky thing without any factual information.

“I just had to hide and shut down. If I weren’t the strong man in my head, it would definitely beat me.

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“So everyone who abused me, everyone who said vulgar things without any information about me, what they read on paper and how they did it, how they looked for their story. For the way to decide, everyone just remembers who I am and everything I did first when I first came to the scene, that I can say It’s all.

Katie also commented:’In fact, I’ve always said you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the media, and what Karl says is true.

“In fact, I have never called Karl’s police. My police investigation into the incident a few weeks ago has nothing to do with Karl.

“This guy’s mental health is very low and it’s easy to say suicide. Someone played what he thought was a clever game and involved the media with inaccurate information. [sic].. “

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Karl Woods reveals another giant portrait tattoo of Katie Price

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