Kanye West reveals determination to regain Kim Kardashian

Kanye West spoke at the Los Angeles Mission’s annual Thanksgiving event when he and Kim Kardashian said they should meet again (Photo: Getty Images).

Kanye West Determined to return with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian After he admitted that he “made a mistake” in their marriage.

44-year-old Donda Star commented at a Thanksgiving homeless charity event near Skid Row in Los Angeles.

A rapper who got Mike and married reality star Kim in 2014 said he would fix his marriage because God wants them to see that “everything can be redeemed.” ..

The pair had been married for six years before Kim, who is rumored to be dating now. Pete Davidson, Apply for divorce During February.

With a short speech, Page 6You all said that you “made a mistake” and added that “I made public that I was not accepted as a husband.”

Chart Topper goes on to say that he will “change the story” around his marriage, and he E! , Hulu or Disney, “I won’t let my family write a story.”

Both E! Hulu, owned by Disney, The Kardashian family’s turmoil is having or having a reality show...

Kanye “doesn’t allow” his ex-wife’s reality show to “tell a story” about their relationship (Photo: Getty)
Kim and Kanye share their four children together (Photo: Getty)

“I’m the priest of my house,” he said, repeating the phrase three times.

“I should be next to my children as much as possible.”

Kanye said he was trying to express himself “in the most sane way” and briefly added that he “needs to go home.”

Kim and Kanye share four children. There are eight in the north, five in the saints, three in the poetry, and two in Chicago.

The rapper went on to say, “If the enemy could separate Kimie,” it would “make millions of families feel that the separation is okay.”

But when “God unites Kimie,” those millions of families will be affected “to overcome the traumatic separation work used by the devil.”

Kanye attended to support the Los Angeles Mission’s annual Charity Thanksgiving event (Photo: Getty)

Kanye, who was speaking at a charity event on the LA mission, also used a microphone to blame people for “overcoming homeless people” and “going to the Gucci store.”

The speech will be given after Yeezy told the podcast and the YouTube series Drink Champs: He and Kim “did not even divorce” Because he “has never seen a dissertation”.

Calling her a wife through an interview, the rapper said their children “wants parents want to be together, we want to be together.”

However, Kim seems to have gone along with Pete, a comedian on Saturday Night Live.

Kim and Pete have been linked since sharing a kiss during a Saturday Night Live sketch (credit: NBC)

Rumors about the two swirled a few weeks after they were I saw it holding hands After kissing during the sketching of the episode hosted by Kim at SNL, we went out for dinner together.

But neither has officially commented on the rumors, but this week we saw the pair holding hands and laughing together in the car-and it sent the rumored factory to Overdrive. If not enough, Pete was playing sports What looked like a pretty love bite..

On the other hand, Kanye Rumored to be dating model Vinetria, 22, after participating in a basketball game at his Donda Academy School in Minneapolis.

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Kanye West reveals determination to regain Kim Kardashian

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