Kabul’s final evacuation flight completed


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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Defense Minister Pini Enale evacuated people from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, before the last flight by the New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) C-130 Hercules reported an explosion at Hamid Karzai International. He said he landed in the Afghanistan last night. Kabul airport.

All NZDF personnel were not in Kabul at the time of the explosion, as they all departed safely on the final flight. The NZDF has confirmed that no New Zealand evacuees have been left at Kabul Airport.

“Our thoughts and condolences to all those in Afghanistan who have died or been injured, including the U.S. military, other partners on earth, and all family and friends affected by this horrific attack. There is, “said Jacinda. Ardan.

“We strongly condemn what is a sneaky attack on many innocent families and individuals who simply sought security from the incredibly difficult and vulnerable situations of Afghanistan,” Jacinda Ardern said. Said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) remains in close contact with New Zealand citizens and permanent residents of Afghanistan who have previously registered with SafeTravel or otherwise contacted. All those known to have been in Afghanistan yesterday were advised by the MFAT about “a continuous and very high threat of terrorist attacks” and not to go to Kabul International Airport, and if they are nearby. Warned to leave the airport.

At this stage, there are no requests for assistance from New Zealanders or other Afghan visa holders in connection with the explosion. MFAT is actively working to reach out to all people known to be in the area.

“The situation at Kabul’s airport was very difficult for both those trying to escape and those evacuating. Operational considerations made it necessary to end further flights to Kabul.” Said Jacinda Ardern.

In the course of the mission, the NZDF aircraft was able to make three flights from Kabul, successfully taking out hundreds of evacuees to both New Zealand and Australia.

Australia has also brought out some for New Zealand.

To date, 276 New Zealanders and permanent residents, their families, and other visa holders have been evacuated from Kabul to New Zealand. Of these, 228 have already left the United Arab Emirates for New Zealand. These numbers are subject to change as boarding partner flights continue to be processed.

In addition, a group of 100 people, including New Zealand troops and Australians, were taken out on their final flight from Kabul, NZDF. Once the current process is complete, the number of flights to New Zealand on that flight will be available.

“NZDF personnel working with Australian partners have successfully evacuated many New Zealanders before these explosions,” said Peeni Henare.

“After many people have returned from Afghanistan to Aotearoa and left Kabul, more qualified people have been safely transported. Many are still being processed at bases outside Afghanistan, so to know the total number. Is still premature, “says Peeni Henare.

“We admit that people still in Afghanistan are in an incredibly difficult position. The situation in Afghanistan is incredibly complex, fragile and changing rapidly. The job is to think about what can be done for those who are still in Afghanistan. It’s not a quick and easy task, “said Jacinda Ardern.

“This operation was carried out under urgent notice and difficult circumstances, demonstrating the value of our army.

“Defense Forces officials have worked hard to bring people in need home by establishing a presence on the ground in both the Kabul airport and other government agencies in the United Arab Emirates. I would like to thank you.

“We would also like to thank our partners for their steady support of the operation by Australia, the United States and the United Arab Emirates,” said Jacinda Ardern.

Peeni Henare also thanked Wehrmacht officials for their diligence and speed in organizing the operation.

“The value of the deployment was not only in the aircraft, but also in the airport itself, the presence of NZDF personnel to assist evacuees in very difficult situations and the presence of UAE support personnel to assist evacuees on arrival. “

It has not yet been confirmed when NZDF personnel will be deployed and when the C-130 aircraft will arrive in New Zealand.

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Kabul’s final evacuation flight completed

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