Justice won in the trial of the murderer of Armaud Arbury.In America, it’s a shock | Moustafa Bayo

MeIt’s shocking that Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Brian were convicted of murder. Armored berry In Brunswick, Georgia. However, the shock is not due to false accusations. On the contrary, the Glynn County jury deliberated and reached the right decision. Stalking, chasing, hunting down, and killing an innocent black man must have criminal consequences in this country. Each of the three murderers faces the possibility of life imprisonment.

But the shock was that the judiciary was provided when it looked like a criminal justice system and a significant portion of the media coverage was doing everything possible to exempt these men.In fact, everything about this case shows how difficult it is to get justice for blacks in this country, starting with the frequency of Fox News and other media. reference The case as an “Arbury Trial” as if Amado Arbury was the perpetrator and not the victim here.

The facts of the case have never been disputed, but they were often distorted or ignored to help defend. McMichaels claimed he was trying to arrest civilians for Arbery, an avid athlete who was jogging just three miles from his home that day. Father and son McMichael felt Arbury was suspicious, they told police.Some intrusions in the neighborhood“. This statement was repeated so often last year that it occupies a factual position.

Still, according to locals Brunswick NewsOnly one robbery was reported to the county police between January 1st and February 23rd, 2020, the day of Arbury’s murder. The peculiar case referred to property taken from the truck of Travis McMichael, a Sati La Shores vehicle. (McMichael reported the theft because the gun was stolen after unlocking the truck, he said. At trial.. ) While the surveillance video is also captured Unidentified white couple English, who probably took the property of Larry English, who is building a house in the area, said nothing was stolen from the construction site of his second house, where Arbury stopped shortly before being chased by McMichael’s. I testified. And during the trial, in all of 2019, Only 4 reported car intrusions.. So, yes, there are few runaway crimes.

So why did it continue to be reported like this?

Of course, there are more. It took almost three months for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which took over the case, to arrest Travis and Gregory McMichael. (Brian was arrested a few months later.) Elder McMichael was a police officer and investigator at the District Attorney’s Office.The favor showed that the man ran deep, so the first Brunswick district attorney Jackie Johnson, who oversaw the case, was later. Indicted According to the indictment, she violated her civil servant oath and obstructed police officers because she was accused of “showing favor and affection for Greg McMichael during the investigation.”

Like Johnson, the next prosecutor, George E. Burnhill, was also forced to withdraw from the case. His son had previously worked with McMichael for a clear conflict of interest.Burnhill wrote letter To the police explaining his disqualification. “Like Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, Brian Williams. [sic] “Avid pursuit” was pursuing suspected robbers in their neighborhood with a firm and direct possible cause, “he wrote. We now know how completely and completely wrong the description of this event was.

By the time the trial began, the appointment of a jury also seemed very problematic. Glynn County has a population of more than a quarter of blacks, but the jury in the trial was overwhelmingly white, with only one black jury selected.Even the judge admitted The emergence of “intentional discrimination” In this result, the defense lawyer beat virtually all black potential juries from serving the jury.

The defense lawyer also used all the tools at his disposal to dehumanize Amado Arbury. Greg McMichael’s lawyer, Laura Hogue, said Arbury was “terrifying and anxious” at “repeated nights,” as if he had adopted all stereotypes of “dangerous young black men.” Characterized as an “intruder”. It got worse when she told the jury that Arbury had “long and dirty toenails.”

A morally bankrupt and shameless statement, this is the only length the system goes to maintain its unjustified power. Any honest student of the history of this country will be aware of what happened in this case and in this case. What was on display was nothing but the fear of Americans in all their outfits.

First, there is an irrational and racist fear of blacks that motivated many whites to vigilantism. It’s no coincidence that Georgia’s (now abolished) self-defense law dates back to the civil war era. NS Carol Anderson, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, And, as many others have shown, the violence at the heart of the American system begins with the fundamental fear of blacks and indigenous peoples.

Then there is the fear that that power may be exposed too often. It is an unstable system that serves and protects its own interests, not the people, by prejudice and favor. And finally, there is a fear that someone who doesn’t look like us may stand in judgment. Therefore, a system of power built on the basis of racial hierarchy requires its own self-preservation.

The good news we’ve heard in court is that the rest of us aren’t afraid. Most white juries were not afraid to return a proper verdict. Assistant District Attorney Linda Dunikoski was not afraid of her prosecution (and was completely convincing). Attorney S Lee Merritt was fearless and eloquent in defending justice. But the bravest, most fearless, and most admirable person in this story must be Arbury’s mother, Wanda Cooper Jones.

Without the tireless efforts of prosecutors like Johnson and Burnhill and Cooper Jones to push and challenge the entire damn system, it’s hard to believe that justice would have won here.She has a Georgia parliament Pass the hate crime bill.. She filed a federal proceeding against a man convicted of murdering her son.She too I met the then president Donald Trump Discuss police reform.

Cooper Jones is a true hero, both for his son and in the fight for a truly just society. She was willing and able to fight a system that was willing to exempt itself if the past was a guide.

But there is a problem here. What if I don’t have Cooper Jones? Why do our rights need to depend on sad mothers fighting for the rights of their murdered children? What kind of judicial system is it?

It’s nice to have someone like Wanda Cooper Jones, but that’s not all you really need. We need a judicial system that is not afraid of power. We need a judicial system that is not afraid to do the right thing. What we really need is a judicial system that is completely independent of the sad mother.

  • Mustafa Bayumi is the author of an award-winning book. How do you feel the problem? : Young and Arab in America, this Muslim American life: Dispatch from the war on terror. He is an English professor at City University of New York at Brooklyn College.

Justice won in the trial of the murderer of Armaud Arbury.In America, it’s a shock | Moustafa Bayo

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