Johnson & Johnson recalls more Tylenol

Latest recall: 1 lot Tylenol 8-hour sustained-release caplet

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March 30, 2011-Another Tylenol has been recalled by Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil division.

The latest recall includes one lot of Tylenol 8-hour sustained release caplets (34,056 150 count bottles).

The recalled Tylenol 8-hour sustained release caplet is a 150 count bottle with lot number ADM074 and UPC code 300450297181.

Like many previous recalls, the latest Tylenol recalls are due to a musty or musty odor. The odor is believed to be caused by trace amounts of the highly odorous compounds TBA and TCA produced by the decomposition of the disinfectant used to process the wooden pallets in which the product was stored.

The company also added 10 lots of different products, including Tylenol 8-hour caplets, to the January 14th wholesale level recall of different Tylenol. Benadryl, Sudafed, Sinutab, and Rolaids products. This recall does not affect products distributed at the retail level.

The wholesale recall will add approximately 717,696 bottles or packages to the January 14th recall.

  • Tylenol 5 lots arthritis pain Sustained release gel tab (180,288)
  • Tylenol sinusitis 1 lot (108,336 packages)
  • Tylenol 8 hours sustained release 1 lot (207,288 bottles)
  • Benadryl 2 lot Allergies Paranasal sinus headache (87,216 packages)
  • 1 lot Sudafed PE cold/cough Multi-symptomatology (134,568 packages)

Johnson & Johnson’s series of recalls has been so long-running, involving so many familiar brands that the company is devoting its entire website,, to recalls.

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Johnson & Johnson recalls more Tylenol

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