John Barilaro’s lawyer launches “wholesale attack” to defend Friendly jordies in defamation case | Defamation Act

John Barrymore’s lawyer launches a “wholesale attack” on the defenses raised by YouTube comedian Jordan Shanks in the battle of defamation. New South Wales The Deputy Prime Minister described their challenge as having a “barely paragraph” in the “surviving” document.

Friday was the first case management hearing of Barillaro’s defamation case against Shanks, a former male model and YouTuber who uses the pseudonym Friendly jordies. The “sneaky and racist” video claimed by the Deputy Prime Minister put him in “public disapproval, sodium, ridicule, contempt”..

Barillaro said in a video released last September and October that he was a “corrupt scammer”, perjuryed nine times, fraudulently gave a beef company $ 3.3 million, and the Royal Commissioner of Water Thief. Claims to have voted against him fraudulently.

Shanks Barillaro is a “corrupt fraudster” and has provided true defense for several attributions, including perjury...

On Friday, Barrister Sue Crisantou SC told the court that the defense filed by Shanks’ lawyer was “defective” because he could not explain why the perjury claim was justified.

“We are launching a large-scale attack on defense,” Chrysanthou told the court.

“Given the lack of detail, few paragraphs survive.”

Shanks lawyers claim legitimate truth about the perjury allegations, but defense documents say parliamentary privilege issues limit them from discussing them. On Friday, barrister Matthew Collins, in Shanks’ position, called for further hearing to “flesh out” privilege questions.

However, Chrysanthou raised the issue about it, noting that Shanks delayed his defense but did not provide details on the justified claim of truth. According to her, the document made a “serious allegation regarding my client” and “did not provide details.”

“He accuses the nine-count crown minister of perjury as not one particular,” she said.

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She said that the “laid-back timetable” proposed by Collins said, “The video is still online, and not only does Collins’ client make an unpleasant video about my client as well as my attorney. It will waste court time while continuing to post. “

Chrysanthou argued that Barillaro could not waive parliamentary privileges and that Shanks needed to provide details on how to prove the truth of perjury attribution. She said the request to Barillaro to relinquish her privileges was “strange.”

“Why do we need to accept Shanks’ words that he has a well-identified defense?” She said.

Judge Stephen Rheas began his next hearing on the issue of July 23, and Collins promised to provide a detailed overview prior to that date.

Collins also flagged Shanks as seeking a jury trial in this case. This is a rare act in federal court, and usually only judges hear derogatory trials.

Google has also been sued by Barillaro as the publisher of the YouTube on which the video is hosted, and his lawyer is seeking judicial permission to serve high-tech companies abroad.

John Barilaro’s lawyer launches “wholesale attack” to defend Friendly jordies in defamation case | Defamation Act

Source link John Barilaro’s lawyer launches “wholesale attack” to defend Friendly jordies in defamation case | Defamation Act

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