Joe Biden has “great confidence” in Millie’s top general after Trump’s revelation.Joe Biden

Joe Biden put his weight behind the U.S. military’s top officer on Wednesday and said he was “greatly confident” in the general who took steps to prevent the resigning Republican president, according to a new book. Donald Trump From “becoming fraudulent” and launching a nuclear war and an attack on China.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley also defended a call to a Chinese military responder during the last months of President Trump’s turmoil, demonstrating that secret conversations so far are in line with his obligations. ..

“I’m very confident in General Millie,” Biden said at the White House when asked if military leaders did the right thing by intervening.

Not long ago, White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters that Democratic President Joe Biden, who defeated Trump last November, endorsed Millie’s “leadership, patriotism, and loyalty to our constitution.” Said that.

Then, in a written statement, Millie spokesman Colonel Dave Butler said that the Supreme General acted within his authority as the highest unified adviser to the President and Secretary of Defense.

“His call to Chinese and others in October and January fulfilled these obligations and responsibilities to convey peace of mind in order to maintain strategic stability,” Butler said. Staff was assigned, coordinated and contacted between the Department of Defense and ministries. “

Millie’s phone was explained in an excerpt Appeared From the next book, “Danger,” by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa on Tuesday.

According to the book, Millie told Chinese PLA General Li Zuocheng that he would warn his opponent in the event of a US attack.

“General Lee, I want to assure you that the US government is stable and everything is okay … we’re not going to attack,” Millie said in a book four days before the November 2020 elections. I told Lee.

The idea that the general intervenes unilaterally to secretly prevent or stop the actions of the U.S. President, the Commander-in-Chief U.S. Army, It is abnormal. Millie served as Trump as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and continued to play that role after Biden entered the White House.

Wednesday’s Pusaki urged Americans to consider the “significant context” in which Millie allegedly took these steps. Safest In the history of the United States by local and national level officials.

“The president has been working side by side with Chairman Millie for almost eight months,” Pusaki said. “His experience with him was that he was a patriot.”

Revelation led some Republicans He called for Millie’s resignation and accused him of undermining the Constitution by trying to guardrail Trump’s actions during his last days in office.

Woodward and Costa broke the story of Watergate, where Richard Nixon resigned as president in 1974. Depict “It’s true that Trump has fallen into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election,” Millie said.

Millie Reportedly The president began to “scream to officials, except for mania, and build his own alternative reality about endless election plots.”

According to the author, Millie was worried that Trump could be “illegal” and told senior staff that “I never know what the president’s trigger point is.”

On Wednesday, Saki made a clear distinction between the general’s relationship with Trump, Who Deadly rebellion He was impeached at the US Capitol on January 6 in hopes of overturning Biden’s victory, and was impeached about his relationship with Biden.

“The current president, who follows the constitution, does not incite rebellion, and follows the rule of law, is completely confident that President Millie and he will continue to play his role,” said Mr. Pusaki.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote to Biden, demanding that “General Millie be dismissed immediately” for leaking “confidential information about US military operations.”

However, regarding the Republican criticism of Millie, Saki said: They were silent. “

Trump said Millie on Tuesday need to do it If the report was true, he called the general public “Dumbass” and attempted a rebellion.

The Associated Press contributed to the report

Joe Biden has “great confidence” in Millie’s top general after Trump’s revelation.Joe Biden

Source link Joe Biden has “great confidence” in Millie’s top general after Trump’s revelation.Joe Biden

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