Jesy Nelson’s sister hits a “bully” in a black fishing line

Jezie Nelson’s sister took part in her scandal (Photo: Jezie Nelson / Jade Nelson)

Jade Nelson stands beside her sister Jezie in her Black fishing scandal..

A former Little Mix member, the 30-year-old faced a black phishing allegation after her release. Debut solo single Boyz, Features Nicki Minaj..

The singer is also reportedly’Black fish‘By bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Leaked DM From influencer NoHun – – A term used to describe a white man who is trying to appear to have a black heritage.

Jade, 34, who took her to Instagram to protect Jezie, broke her silence and swiped a “bully” who tried to hurt her sister.

“When the bully deliberately and uncontrollably tries to hurt someone he doesn’t think he’ll get caught,” she began.

“That’s why they try to get other people to do it for them.

Jade publicly showed his support for his sister (Photo: Instagram)

“But when they are exposed and the victim simply stands up, the bully immediately turns the table and tries to hold the victim accountable.

“That’s what the bully does.”

She admitted, “I’ve never been threatened by a bully, but I was taught to stand up for myself when I was mistreated.”

Share that her sister was targeted and bullied Throughout her career“People who knew her best knew exactly how bullying affected her,” Jade said.

She called the ongoing black fishing controversy a “new wave of bullying” and emphasized that those who knew pop stars knew the potential impact it could have.

Jesy faced a “black phishing” allegation after the release of the Boys music video (Photo: @jesynelson)

She ended her statement by speaking directly to a reader asking, “Is this really what you want to do?”

She begged “the media and everyone” to “just stop.” Because you know her mind, her credibility, her full acceptance and non-critical nature.

Jezie liked posting from her account and seemed to appreciate her sister’s support.

After the release of Boyes, she fired. Music videoCritics felt that her skin was dark, her hair was curly, and she looked racially ambiguous alongside the aesthetics of the video.

Jezie Denied these claims But the situation has escalated During live stream Rapper Nicky and 38 years old, When she defended her collaborators And called her Former bandmate..

It looks like Jezie is trying Going beyond the black phishing claim, She recently shared a post to celebrate her journey and self-confidence.

Talking to her young self in a childhood photo with a BTS snap from her latest video shoot, she said, “Little Jezie will be really proud of you.”

She urged her fans to remember that no dream was too big.

Metro.co.uk is seeking comments from Jesy and Leigh Anne representatives.

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Jesy Nelson's sister hits a "bully" in a black fishing line

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