Jema Collins reveals an incredible Halloween makeover of a £ 1.2m Essex mansion with a lit balloon display and scary food

GEMMA Collins reveals how her £ 1.2m home has changed in time for Halloween with balloons and scary food.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star seemed to be preparing for a spooky-themed party, so he enjoyed the makeover on the Instagram story.


The house was decorated with balloons and foodCredit: instagram
Jema seemed to be preparing for an eerie party


Jema seemed to be preparing for an eerie partyCredit: Instagram

Jema, 40, He showed off an incredible balloon display and laid out a huge nibble for Bash in her impressive Essex mansion.

A real-life TV star filmed around her house while Halloween-themed music was playing in the background-tell her followers that she was “preparing.”

She started in the living room. There, a huge light-up sign spelling “boo” was surrounded by orange balloons and spider web-like material.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a party company prepared an incredible amount of food, centered around a giant pumpkin and a black skull.

Sandwiches, cakes, donuts and other “evil” treats are arranged in the shape of a skeleton, which Jema carefully photographed in detail.

His name was written on the pumpkin, so it seemed that Diva Foreverster was preparing for a Halloween party at her house for his nephew Hayden.

The video came first Jema applauds radio host Steve Allen, After he made a cruel jibe about Strictly’s Tilly Ramsay, he told him to “kiss her juicy a **.”

She watched the Instagram story and shared a delicious cake snap as an LBC presenter hit.

Gemma joked to radio host Steve, 67, with her teenage Strictly Come Dancing Star alone, “to eat cake with her.”

The star counterattacked him when she wrote on the cake photo while eating at the patisserie shop Cafe Concerto.

“Steve Allen joined me for Cakehan,” Jema wrote bitterly. “And leave the lovely Tilly Ramsey alone. She’s beautiful, GC said.”

“Kiss my big juicy a **,” she approved for posting to the Instagram story, along with a peach and kiss face emoji when tagged. Tilly, 19 years old..

It was after a tweet unearthed by an angry listener revealed that radio host Steve had brutally dubbed Jema as “Jema the Hat.”

The broadcaster is now strictly involved with star Tilly after him. I labeled her as “a chubby little thing” and streamed it live on the air.

In some of Steve’s tweets recently unearthed, he could be seen calling Gemma’s name.

Steve tweeted in 2014. Arg, The person who slept with the beach hut Jema. “

Cruel comment

A week later he attacked Jema again.

“”[Sic] Poor poor gema, fat and boring, no friends other than Bobby, known as the misery of little mizu. It all takes the form of a pear and how we laugh, “Steve tweeted.

Nasty Steve’s job can be jeopardized as LBC calls for the host to be dismissed after his latest comment on Strictly Star Tilly playing live on the air. ..

Furious fans went to Twitter to broadcast their opinion and demanded that the station remove him after he branded her “chubby little stuff.”

“I can’t believe @ LBC’s Steve Allen made such a horrifying comment about a young woman … he should be embarrassed and fired,” said one.

Another ridicule: “I generally don’t criticize people’s appearance, but because he opened the door, he has a brass neck for a man who looks like a hammered thumb.”

Steve’s obsession with Jema and her size make him a real mogul Star Wars The character, Jabba the Hutt – a villain known for his boldness and size.

“It looks like the Jema hut has a store in Brentwood, right next to slugs and lettuce, insert your joke here …” he tweeted in 2015.

“And now the Jema hut thinks she might be pregnant ….. hahahahahaha, what do you mean? Unprotected sex …..” he wrote a few months later in 2016. rice field.

As if his comments about Jema and Tilly weren’t enough, Steve really had it for plus-sized people when he banned anyone over 10 stones from listening to his show. There seems to be.

“Some poor creatures suggested that many of my listeners were female and overweight, bloody cheeks, and no one was allowed to hear more than 10 stones,” Steve said in 2013. I tweeted.

Daughter Tilly Chef Gordon RamsayWhen Steve heard what he said about her, he immediately counterattacked and reminded him that “words can hurt.”

Yesterday, Steve said: I’m already tired of her. She’s a chubby little thing, did you notice? Probably her dad’s food. “

Tilly’s Clapback

Tilly responded with a long note posted on her Instagram.

She writes:

“But recently, a 67-year-old man called on a state-owned radio station too far.

“Steve feels free to give us your opinion, but I draw a line when commenting on my appearance. It’s a shame that someone is trying to deny such a positive experience.

“This isn’t the first, and definitely not the last comment about my appearance. But keep in mind that the language can be hurt. After all, I’m 19 years old.

“I understand that getting public attention clearly has its own implications, and I’ve been aware of this from an early age, but publicly commenting and someone’s weight. I don’t tolerate anyone who thinks it’s okay to scrutinize their appearance. “

Tilly, the youngest rival of the new series and one of the youngest in the show’s 17-year history, received a lot of support on social media.

Papa Gordon did not comment, but other members of the Ramsay clan added support. The 21-year-old Sister Holly wrote, “Very well-known x #bekind,” but her sister said. Megan, 23, said “Love you Tills”.

The party seems to have been for Gemma's nephew Hayden


The party seems to have been for Gemma’s nephew HaydenCredit: instagram
Sweet treats were laid out for special events


Sweet treats were laid out for special eventsCredit: instagram
The table was decorated for a spooky party theme


The table was decorated for a spooky party themeCredit: instagram
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Jema Collins reveals an incredible Halloween makeover of a £ 1.2m Essex mansion with a lit balloon display and scary food

Source link Jema Collins reveals an incredible Halloween makeover of a £ 1.2m Essex mansion with a lit balloon display and scary food

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