Jeep electric switch rotates

A quick farewell story to the big V8 and pure diesel dominates today’s 80th birthday celebration.

“I love the V8, but I love it even more because it can give more acceleration, more power, and (and) more torque in a better package without damaging the planet. So I think it’s a better solution in the long run. “

This is a Jeep brand made earlier this week to the local media prior to today’s global brand announcement, which further emphasizes that the well-known off-road American brand has stopped relying on fossil fuels. This is a comment from Chief Executive Officer Christian Munier.

Jeep already uses mild hybrids, “self-charging” hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or electricity to achieve its goal of electrifying 70% of global sales by 2025. It states that the model is under development. power.

The outlook for all segments of the brand that the brand will be covered by electrical options within four years is clearly affecting New Zealand as the market is spared today, the 80th anniversary of the brand’s birth.

Ateco Group, a nationwide distributor, reported on Australia’s influential media outlets about its grand plans to accelerate the adoption of electrically power-assisted drivetrains and seem to rush to reduce pure fossils. So far we have not provided public comments. A fueled powertrain.

It cites the end of diesel fuel worldwide by the end of the decade – V8 petrol engines will potentially follow a similar timeline.

Jeep is not the only major SUV maker to announce plans to throw away diesel. Land Rover, a British off-road rival, confirmed in February that it would phase out diesel engines before converting the entire lineup to electricity by 2036.

Munier’s conversation with an Australian journalist confirms that the Jeep is on the same path.

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“We are fortunate to have (electricity),” he commented on the Australian Car Advice website.

“We accept it, and you know that Jeep owners like nature, they accept nature, and it’s very nice to have a product that doesn’t hurt nature. It’s great to drive quietly inside. It’s magic. “

When asked about the future of diesel engines, Munier reportedly said: “I think Europe’s diesel will be gone. Europe was really the root of diesel engines. And it is very clear that (as a result) the amount of diesel (sales) will be significantly reduced.

“But does that mean we stop (provide) diesel (engines) all at once? No, I think there is a transition between now and 2030 and it depends on the market. The departmental market will continue to be equipped with V8 engines. Some) will continue to be equipped with 6-cylinder engines and (some) will continue to be equipped with diesel. “

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the V8’s most dependent model on the market, and the new version, due out later this year, will also discontinue the 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel dedicated to the petrol V6 and 4x plug-in hybrid options.

In his conversation, Munier suggests that electrification will inevitably replace the high-performance V8 in the brand lineup.

“In the medium term, it’s clear that we want to protect the V8 … (and) the high-performance V8. [for] As much as we can … At the same time, it is very clear that electrification gives us the opportunity to get more performance in a better way. “

Jeep in the region is also preparing to release an updated version of the compass sports utility. Significantly updated interiors, fine-tuned exterior styling, new standard safety equipment and more have been improved.

Today was chosen as the brand’s anniversary as former Willys Overland signed a contract with the US Army Department to start production of the first military jeep vehicle on this day in 1941.

To celebrate its ultimate zero-emission vision, Jeep posted an attached video today. It states that it introduces the unique nature of the Jeep brand’s electrification through a couple’s love story. This work entwines Jeep branded vehicles, future technology and Jeep’s global community to establish a promise for a brighter future. Bastille’s new song “give me the future” was also released today.

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Jeep electric switch rotates

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