Jane McDonald thanks fans for their support after the death of her fiancé Ed Roth

Jane McDonald talks about the support she received after her partner Eddie Ross died (Photo: Twitter / Getty).

Jane McDonald is grateful to her fans for her love since her partner Eddie Ross died.

Rothe, 67, Died in March after fighting the lungs cancer, A television star announced his death on the day of the funeral last month.

For the first time, she talked directly about broken heart, shared a message on the official website, and said she was “impressed” by all the condolence messages she received.

In a post titled “A Huge Thank You”, Jane also thanked the people who donated to Wakefield Hospice to commemorate her partner.

Her message ended with a hopeful note that sympathized with those who told her that she had lost her loved ones and wrote, “A better day will come.”

Jane writes: ‘I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful cards and support messages I have received since the terrible news of the loss of my beloved Ed was announced. I am very impressed with each person.

Ross died of cancer in March (Photo: Getty)

“All the kind thoughts and words make a lot of sense to me, and many of you have informed me that you are experiencing the same thing that you have lost a loved one.

“I am deeply grateful to everyone who has been very kind to donate to the Wakefield Hospice JustGiving page in Ed’s memory.

“It’s been a tough time for all of us these days, and I know a better day will come.”

Rothe was a former drummer for the band The Searchers in the 1960s, and he and Jane dated in 1980 at the age of 17. The couple then reunited and got engaged in 2008.

Jane recorded her engagement with Eddie in her 2019 autobiography, Riding The Waves: My Story.

“Suddenly Ed cleared his throat and put his hand in his pocket,” she wrote. “Jane, you’re definitely for me, and I should have done this 26 years ago,” he said. “will you marry me?”

“I was so overwhelmed that I started crying, and then Ed started crying!

“People around us regretted that we would divide.”

In November 2019, Jane published in Good To Know about her relationship with Eddie.

“He’s so funny and makes me laugh every day,” she told the publication.

“He also brings tea every morning no matter what.”

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Jane McDonald thanks fans for their support after the death of her fiancé Ed Roth

Source link Jane McDonald thanks fans for their support after the death of her fiancé Ed Roth

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