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It’s time for New Zealand to end gay conversion practices | Shanil Ral

The New Zealand National Party has promised grassroots activists to vote in favor of a ban on conversion practices, but last month they were the only ones to vote against a bill to do so. We, the queer community, are blinded by their new position and have been hurt by a number of parliamentarians who have promised to trust them as allies.

National party leader Judith Collins claims that the party supports a ban on homosexual conversion practices, but current legislation could criminalize parents counseling their children. I’m worried about that Labeled the proposed bill “anti-parent”.. As a survivor of the conversion practice, I believe National’s position is anti-children.

It is correct to say that the bill teaches parents how to parent their children. But it is also true that the law already teaches people how to become parents. New Zealand has introduced a slap prohibition law, so stop parents from hitting their children. Study by Family Acceptance Project, NS WeIn an initiative based on an initiative to help families support LGBTQ children, suicide attempts were found to be more than double that of LGBT adolescents who have undergone conversion practices. Aotearoa and medical institutions around the world have declared conversion practices ineffective, unethical and harmful.

The Convert Prevention Act extends protection to prevent psychological harm.Some of New Zealand’s largest churches Declared to oppose the ban, The bill claims that parents limit their freedom to advise their children.

The bill makes it clear that it is not a crime to advise your child not to take puberty suppressants or to talk to them.invoice Need practice.. Advising or talking to your child does not meet the definition of practice and the threshold of criminalization. The bill does not criminalize parents, even if they do not provide their children with puberty suppressants. The criminals of the bill act rather than omission, and neglecting something is omission.

The church also argues that the bill limits the freedom to provide their prayers. However, the bill does not intend to alter or suppress an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, and only the expression of religious principles or beliefs made to an individual is a crime. It states that it is not. Claiming that “homosexuals go to hell” would not meet the criteria for criminalization. Additional requirements include the intent to change or suppress an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Religious groups have considerable room to express their anti-queer views if it is their choice, and it is entirely wrong to argue that this bill abolishes freedom of prayer and speech.

Some of the same Church groups opposed same-sex marriage In the name of protecting children. In reality, they use their children to present their agenda.

Snakes can speak, homosexuality is a sin, and marriage is traditionally between men and women, as people do not come out and say “I hate homosexuality”, look for other arguments in the book You will be forced to do that. Well, traditionally, voting was only for white men.

Things have changed and should be done.

As a former church attendant, I am familiar with these statements. They often start by showing support to pretend to be the queer community before embarking on an attack on our being. This presents them as rational people, not who they are: religious prejudice.

There is a delicate line between religious freedom and religious prejudice. Practicing conversion is a prejudice. Religious leaders, armed with the relationship between the Queer people and God, manipulated us to think that God would hate us if they did not change.

God doesn’t care if you are gay or transgender. Being a decent person is enough. For these religious leaders, they drove the Queer people into a life of pain, misery, and death, and God never forgives them.

Prohibiting conversion practices does not criminalize or limit freedom for parents who are trying to do their best. religion.. It sends a message to all strange people that they are valid. The whole story of conversion practice ends with a strange person asking if it is still worth living. Fortunately, some people choose to stay, but many don’t. Religious freedom is exercised in New Zealand only in the name of prejudice and hatred.

Conversion practices are not about praying away from homosexuals or fixing transgender. It’s about torturing the queer people psychologically and physically. No one, parents, or ministers have the right to change or oppress the people of the queer. It’s time to end the conversion practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

It’s time for New Zealand to end gay conversion practices | Shanil Ral

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