Italy fell into a political crisis as Renzi sank the government

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stripped the ruling coalition of the majority of parliament and separated his small party from the government, even when the country was fighting the resurrected Covid-19.

Matteo Renzi, head of Viva (IV), Italy, will hold a press conference.
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Prime Minister Renzi said he was trying to build up power and blamed Giuseppe Conte’s style of leadership, but he could rejoin the cabinet if policy reforms and greater accountability demands were implemented. left.

“Responsibility is not to hide the problem, but to face it,” critics said he played politics to revive the fate of his little Italian Viva party, who was puzzled by polls. Said Renzi, who was accused of.

His coalition partner said his decision was the worst depression since World War II as a result of the Covid pandemic that killed more than 80,000 Italians, the second highest victim in Europe. Said it would hurt.

Conte made a final appeal to Renzi to stay within the four-party alliance, which was launched in August 2019, and said he was confident that unity could be restored with good intentions from all sides. He did not comment immediately after his olive branch was rejected.

It was not immediately clear what he or his remaining allies, the Dissident Five Star Movement, the Centre-Left Democratic Party (PD) and the Left LEU Party, would do.

One possible scenario is for the coalition government to attempt to renegotiate a new agreement with Viva, Italy. This will almost certainly pave the way for a major cabinet reshuffle, with or without Conte in command.

“Is it possible to create a new Conté administration? I don’t think veto or prejudice tells anyone what to do,” Renzi said in a press conference.

Election call

If the coalition government cannot agree to move forward, President Sergio Mattarella will almost certainly try to put together a national unity government to deal with health emergencies.

If that fails, the only option is a referendum.

Opposition Bloc, led by Matteo Salvini’s far-right league, issued a statement calling for Mr. Conte’s resignation, saying that the best way to ensure a stable government is to hold elections about two years earlier than planned.

Salvini won five stars after being undecided in the 2018 elections and formed a government led by Conte, a non-party lawyer. Salvini resigned a year later in hopes of forcing an early election, but he was betrayed by Renzi, who unexpectedly supported the creation of an alternative coalition.

However, Renzi had a bad relationship with Conté from the beginning and regularly attacked his decision-making.

His recent complaint focused on Conte’s plans for how to spend the billions of euros promised by the European Union to resume a devastated economy. On Tuesday, he filed other policy complaints, arguing that Italy should apply for a loan from the Eurozone bailout fund known as the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) to support its medical services. did.

The largest ruling party, the Five Star Movement, is hostile to this idea and is not a beginner for Conte.


Italy fell into a political crisis as Renzi sank the government

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