Islington is the capital of British social media

A new study reveals that Islington is the capital of British social media.

Islington is the capital of British social media

New study reveals Islington is British Social media It is the capital and residents spend the longest time online per person.

A cybersecurity and privacy expert survey, VPN Overview, analyzed ONS data from more than 400 regions of the United Kingdom to discover the UK’s social media capital.

The study examined Internet usage by different age groups compared to the population composition of each unitary authority, district, and autonomous region of the United Kingdom.

Islington is ranked at the top of the list, with residents spending an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes on social media each day. This is driven by the fact that this autonomous region has the highest proportion of women under the age of 35 in any part of the UK.

Women aged 16-24 spend the longest time on social media each day, with an average of 192 minutes (3 hours 37 minutes), while women aged 25-34 spend about 2 hours 42 minutes daily on social media. I’m spending time on. ..

In Islington, 16% of women are 16 to 24 years old, well above the UK average of 10%, and 27% are 25 to 34 years old, more than double the national average of 13%.

As a result, the North London borough, with a population of 248,115, is estimated to spend a total of 434,136 hours daily on social sites and apps.

Tower Hamlets: Second Largest User on Social Media

Tower Hamlets is the UK’s second-largest user of social media and is estimated to be online for an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes per person per day.

Lambeth came in third, with an average daily usage of 1 hour and 40 minutes per person in London borough’s 321,813 population.

Manchester: Social media is hungry

Other than London, the UK’s most social media hungry place Manchester, Here, the estimated average online time per person is 1 hour 38 minutes. The city has one of the highest proportions of women aged 16 and 24 in the UK (18%) and 17% of men of the same age group, spending the third longest time online every day. It is a demographic.

Wandsworth’s London borough is fifth on the list, with Nottingham sixth, while it’s estimated to be online for one hour and 38 minutes each day.

Smallest social media active area

North Norfolk is the UK’s least social media area, with individuals spending an hour each day on social media sites and apps. East Sussex Rosa has the second lowest social media usage in the country, estimated at 1 hour and 1 minute per person per day. East Lindsey, Lincolnshire, spends the third least time on social media, one hour and two minutes a day.

A VPN overview spokesperson said: However, it is also important to remain aware of the risks of spending a lot of time on social platforms. “

Islington is the capital of British social media

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