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“(But) I don’t think anyone attending this event needs to worry that these will be the last of the petrol M cars in the short term.”

It is said that Vision M Next will not be produced due to cost concerns, and instead the first electric M car will be based on two fully electric products identified in New Zealand.

These are the iX, which will arrive in the coming months, and the i4 coupe, which will be released next year. The former is an SUV the same size as the X5, and the latter is a lower 5-door car in the style that BMW calls the Grand Coupe, similar in appearance and dimensions to the current M3.

Flash promises that these cars will present “a whole new manifestation of a unique M feel.”

Michaelson says consumers can generally feel positive about BMW’s electric vehicle plans.

As big as the oil-to-Ohm transition, he may also think that many M addicts going through this event will end the petrol crusade here and today’s fare will be the last car. I don’t imagine not to buy.

Still, if so, what’s the way to look at the oil era: the $ 168,990 M3 sedan and the $ 172,990 M4 2-door coupe sister ship, the 375kW / 650Nm turbocharged 3.0-liter in-line 6-cylinder, and the $ 234,500 M5 sedan and the $ 342,900 M85. The Door Grand Coupe shares a V8 with a turbocharger, but with a different tuning. That is, the first 460kW and 750Nm and the other 450kW and 750Nm are absolutely outstanding in these categories. Huge protrusions, a warlike soundtrack, and pin-sharp dynamics are common features.

Is the Big Bang event the last explosion? — Motoringnz

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